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WHAT: Pig kidney is successfully transplanted into a human

“Pigs aren’t spare parts and should never be used as such just because humans are too self-centered to donate their bodies to patients desperate for organ transplants.” US surgeons have successfully attached a pig’s kidney to a human body in what is being hailed as a ‘watershed moment’ in the decades-long mission to one day …

Rosario Dawson credits vegan diet for better health, flexibility and less inflammation

The 42-year-old vegan actress has been focusing on her gut health since her father’s cancer diagnosis. Actress, producer and environmental activist Rosario Dawson has been following a vegan diet for years to ensure that she’s prioritizing her health over everything else. In 2019, the Dopesick actress opened up to PEOPLE about her decision to cut …

William’s Earthshot Prize grants £1m to five climate campaigners

Prince William called for “all parts of society — to raise their ambition and unite in repairing our planet.” Five climate change campaigners won £1m each of what reports describe as ‘the most prestigious global environment prize in history’. The Earthshot Prize awards has been set up by the Duke of Cambridge through his Royal …


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