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Starbucks launches vegan creamers to enjoy coffee at-home

Starbucks has added vegan creamers to its retail line in collaboration with Nestle. Starbucks is set to launch two vegan creamers across retailers nationwide The new creamers are a result of a collaboration between Nestlé and the international coffee giant as part of their global coffee alliance formed in 2018 to bring customers exciting new …

The largest ever ocean clean-up removes 103 tons of plastic waste

‘The oceans can’t wait for these nets and debris to break down into microplastics which impair the ocean’s ability to store carbon and toxify the fragile ocean food web’ Around 103 tons (206,000 pounds) of fishing nets and plastics trash was removed from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch located between the coasts of California and …

Jaden Smith launches first vegan New Balance sneaker

The new vegan sneaker is a reflection of ‘Jaden’s passion for sustainability and progressive fashion’ Actor Jaden Smith has launched his first unisex sneaker made from vegan leather. The 22-year-old – who is known for his efforts in environmental and social activism apart from his connection with stardom collaborated with footwear brand New Balance to …

Plant-based meat sales spike by 23% when sold in meat aisles, shows study

‘The increase in sale demonstrates there is tremendous opportunity for plant-based meats to succeed everywhere’ Plant-based meat sales increased by 23% when placed alongside its meat counterparts at grocery stores, revealed a study by Plant Based Foods Association and U.S retail giant Kroger. As part of the study, PBFA- an association that represents 170 plant-based …


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