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Ricky Gervais and Peter Egan call out UK’s factory farm that breeds dogs for ‘painful and terrifying’ toxicity experiments

“I’m deeply shocked to learn that thousands of beautiful Beagles are intensively bred, right here in the peace of the British countryside, for painful and terrifying toxicity experiments that are also now proven to entirely fail the search for human treatments and cures.” Comedian Ricky Gervais and vegan actor and advocate Peter Egan have launched …

Somerset council urged to instate two meat-free days in primary schools

A plant-based educationist wants to introduce plant-based meals into schools as it would be ‘a big step towards meeting the Council’s climate targets’ and help the next generation ‘learn to eat more healthily and sustainably’. A former primary school teacher from west Somerset has petitioned the County Council to instate two meat-free days a week …

Kim Kardashian plugs Nestlé vegan KitKat to 229 million followers

The reality TV star says KitKat has always been her ‘favourite candy’. Reality TV giant Kim Kardashian has plugged Nestlé’s new vegan KitKat to her 229 million followers. The fashion mogul, who has been showcasing her journey to a more plant-based diet on social media throughout the years, shared a series of stories after receiving …


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