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Is Rishi Sunak going vegan? The UK government responds to £1 million challenge

Sunak was challenged to go vegan in exchange for a £1 million donation to his chosen charity GenV launched a campaign that called for UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to go vegan for a month in exchange for a £1 million donation to his chosen charity. On December 31, the vegan organization published an open …

Earth likely to cross critical climate limits in 10-12 years, AI-based study finds

The AI based findings showed that exceeding the 2C increase has a 50% chance of happening by 2050. A new study has indicated that the world is on track to exceed the internationally agreed-upon climate change threshold in about a decade, Scientists of the study published in Monday’s journal Proceedings of the National Academy of …

Dublin bus adverts draw criticism from politicians

“The recent EPA statistics show that animal agriculture is the highest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland – 37.5%.” Ads on Dublin buses promoting a vegan lifestyle and thrashing the dairy industry have sparked a huge backlash with politicians labelling them “highly misleading and toxic”. The posters were displayed on 120 buses and billboards …


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