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Pizza Hut is launching plant-based meat toppings in the US

Pizza Hut is trialling plant-based meat toppings in the US to test out the demand for vegan alternatives. The pizza giant has launched a limited time offer in one of its Phoenix restaurants, which will stock the Garden Speciality Pizza – featuring meat-free Italian sausage from MorningStar Farms, onions, mushrooms and banana peppers. Wendy Davidson, …

Plant-based eating makes men’s erections stronger and longer, study finds

New vegan documentary The Game Changers has kicked up a storm around the world as it dispels myths about needing meat for athletic performance, but there’s one potential health benefit which has particularly captured viewers’ attention.  Three meat-eating athletes on the documentary, which is now on Netflix, had their erections tested before and after they …

Swiss politician battles to outlaw factory farming

Swiss politician Meret Schneider, who was recently elected to the National Council, is fighting to ban factory farming in the country. Schneider is a Green Party member and co-founder of the animal rights think tank Sentience Politics. She won a seat in the Bern council after receiving 60,083 votes in the National Election.  The Green …

Jane Goodall slams German lab where monkeys were subjected to horrific abuse

Conservationist Jane Goodall has lambasted a German laboratory for its inhumane practices on lab animals, and has called for testing methods to be abolished. Footage recovered from the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT), a contract testing laboratory near Hamburg, Germany that conducts toxicity testing for global pharmaceutical, industrial and agrochemical companies, revealed horrific and …


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