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Pizza Hut UK now offers vegan cheese on all deliveries

“We know meat-eaters and vegetarians alike are increasingly looking for more plant-based alternatives to our pizza menus, so we are continuously searching to bring delicious innovations to the table.” Pizza Hut has finally added vegan cheese to its delivery menu following an increase in meat-free demand. According to the fast-food chain, 19% more customers are …

Demand for vegan bag brand Telfar skyrockets after a shoutout from Beyoncé

“This Telfar bag imported, Birkins, them shit’s in storage,” the songstress croons on her final track Summer. Beyoncé, who is known to use her platform to support the Black community and businesses, has provided insight into her fashion taste through a special shoutout to Black-owned and vegan luxury brand Telfar, in her latest album, Renaissance. …

Vegans who lift weights have stronger bones, new study shows

New research shows vegans and omnivores who do resistance training may have similar bone structure. New research suggests that vegans who lift weights have stronger bones than those who don’t. The team from the Medical University of Vienna also indicated that vegans who incorporate weight lifting into their exercise routine have bone strength similar to …


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