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35% of Brits are now buying less or no meat at all, new survey shows

Rising food costs are motivating Brits to adjust their diets. While vegan food has always been branded more expensive than its meat counterpart, a new survey has busted this myth by showing that Brits are changing their eating habits with more individuals ditching meat in favor of vegan food. The survey The Vegan Society hosted …

Save Ralph bags major award in Cannes for exposing the horror of cosmetic animal testing

“We are very grateful to Cannes Lions for this high-profile opportunity to keep the issue in the global spotlight and we hope that it adds momentum to our efforts to end this unnecessary cruelty.” Save Ralph – a short animated film – recently won the Grand Prix for Good, a prestigious award at this year’s …

81% of military personnel want plant-based meals, new survey reveals

“As the US military continues to seek ways to best support the overall health and diverse needs of its loyal service members, we’re calling on lawmakers to require all branches of the military to provide plant-based MRE options.” The majority of US military members want vegan Meals, Ready to Eat (MRE), according to a new …

Four killed, 70 injured in Colombia after stadium collapses during bullfight

The casualties included two women, a man and an 18-month-old baby. In a tragic turn of events at least four spectators including an 18-month-old baby were killed and about 70 seriously injured after a full three-storey section of wooden stands collapsed during a bullfighting festival on Sunday (26 June). Around 800 spectators were seated in …


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