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Funny Girl’s Lea Michele campaigns against horse-drawn cruelty in New York taxi-top ads

The Broadway star has joined forces with PETA to urge New Yorkers to boycott horse-drawn carriages.  Funny Girl’s Lea Michele is appearing on New York taxi- tops urging people  to boycott horse-drawn carriages The Broadway star is the face of PETA’s new ad campaign, which urges people to ‘ get horses off busy #NYC streets!” …

Over 70% of EU citizens say milk alternatives should be added to school canteens

“It is high time schools start a meaningful transition towards healthier and more sustainable diets, ingraining good habits early on in younger generations.” 72% of EU citizens clearly stated that the union should fund plant-based milk alternatives in canteens under their scheme, which supports the distribution of fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products to school …

James Cameron has a new word to describe vegans – what do you think it is?

“I tried to come up with a good term for it because vegan has all those connotations.” Award-winning director James Cameron believes  that calling those who eschew meat and dairy ‘vegans’ or ‘plant-based’ doesn’t go far enough. According to him, there is a better word to describe this community. Moreover, the terminology around vegans and …


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