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The Greggs Effect: Tesco To Launch On-The-Go Vegan Sausage Roll

Tesco is set to launch a ready-to-go vegan sausage roll in stores, according to a leaked report from a supermarket insider. A post on Accidentally Vegan UK’s Instagram feed has documented the impending release of a vegan roll which many will hope rivals the sensational launch of the Greggs vegan treat. The post reads: “BREAKING!!! …


25+ Beautiful, Bold and Inspiring Vegan Tattoos – Show Us Yours!

Dedicated vegans have shared inspiring tattoos which spread the message of compassion towards animals on social media. The collection began after @soul_eubanks posted on Twitter as he contemplated which vegan tattoo to get for himself, and asked followers for advice. The activist posted: “I’m thinking of getting a vegan tattoo that says “Until Every Cage …