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The wonderful vegan community is filled with individuals from all different kinds of backgrounds and lifestyles, each with their own unique story and path to veganism. At Totally Vegan Buzz we felt it was about time to celebrate how far we’ve come and prove to the world that #AnyoneCanGoVegan! From ex-butchers and hardcore carnivores to cheese-loving converts, the VGang came forward to share their inspiring tales. Remember – no matter what your past is, it’s never too late to make the change.

1. I once worked as a butcher, now I’m vegan


2. I once thought farm animals were different to cats and dogs, now I’m vegan

Joanna (@plantlife_hotel)

3. I once considered eating pig intestines, now I’m vegan


4. I once thought vegans were too extreme and vegetarians were silly, now I’m vegan

Owais (@amiri.ow), Co-Founder Totally Vegan Buzz

5. I once built a meat castle with gravy moat, now I’m vegan

Oli (@oli.gross1),Editor Totally Vegan Buzz

6. I once said I love cheese too much to be vegan, now I’m vegan

Michelle (@michellevonmandel), Social Media Totally Vegan Buzz

7. I once hated vegetables, now I’m vegan

Flo from @beyondskin

8. I once used to love black pudding, cheese and milk, now I’m vegan


9. I once ate 4 supersized Big Mac meals in one sitting, now I’m vegan


10. I once ate 10 IKEA hot dogs in a row, now I’m vegan


11. I once taunted a vegetarian with a bacon cheeseburger, now I’m vegan

Max (@plantlife_hotel)

12. I once fried live insects with a magnifying glass, now I’m vegan

Oli (plant_based_ollie, @brightonveganactivists, @sourceactivism, @b.v.f.t.a)

13. I once consumed pints of milk and ate cheese and eggs every single day! Now I’m vegan


14. I won a sausage eating contest once, now I’m vegan


15. I used to work in a butchers, now I’m a vegan


16. I once let my culture define my way of eating, now I’m vegan


17. I once blindly accepted the morality of the majority, now I’m vegan


18. I once ordered a KFC family feast meal for myself, now I’m vegan


19. I once made out with a Big Mac because I ‘loved it so much’ and said it was my best friend, now I’m vegan


20. I once ate three tubs of ice cream in one day, now I’m vegan

Layla (@laylabrook), Co-Founder Totally Vegan Buzz

21. I once ate animal products three times a day, now I’m vegan


22. I once said I couldn’t live without eating chicken, now I’m vegan

@v_gurn of @brightonveganactivists

23. I once ate cheesy pasta 4 days in a row (bad I know!), now I’m vegan


24. I once said I would never date a vegetarian and now I’m vegan


25. I once drank almost a gallon of milk a week, now I’m vegan


26. I once ate animal products for every meal (plus snacks) and now I’m vegan


27. I once loved bacon & cheese and steaks was my treat, now I’m vegan


28. I once made a bacon sandwich with a whole packet of bacon, now I’ vegan


29. I once thought veganism was extreme, now I’m vegan


30. I once said I would never date a vegetarian, and now I’m vegan


31. I once ate raw fish and meat, now I’m vegan


32. I ate entire chickens, I bragged about eating huge steaks, ate animal products every single day. Now I’m vegan


33. I once ate a wrap with cow intestines, now I’m vegan


34. I once drank 10 egg whites every morning, now I’m vegan


35. 16 years ago I forced beef jerky into my vegan friend’s mouth, 4 years later I went vegan


36. I once mistreated caterpillars to death, now I’m vegan


37. I once said I could not live without cheese. Now I’m vegan


38. We once have learnt that dairy products are healthy for us, even though we pooped a lot and had stomach pains. Now we are vegan


39. I used to pull the legs and wings off dragonflies, now I am vegan


40. Once I have eaten meat every day… now I’m vegan


41. I once hated veggies, now I’m vegan


42. I used to want to open my own meat restaurant. Now I’m vegan


43. I once was so addicted to cheese I even ate the types I had allergic reactions to. Now I’m vegan


44. I rescued cats and dogs, today all species matter to me and I am vegan


45. I once said I would never date a vegetarian and now we’re vegan


46. I once considered chicken hearts my favourite food, now I’m vegan


47. I once loved cheesy pasta and tiramisu, now I’m vegan


48. I used to wear fur coats and lambskin bags, I now liberate and investigate


49. I used to eat animal products 3 x a day and think that Joe Rogan was a nutritional expert… now I’m vegan


50. I once caught, killed and gutted fish, then BBQ’d them. Now I’m vegan


51. Once meat was my favorite part of the meal, now I am vegan!


52. I used to think only thin old grey-haired women raised in the 60s were vegan


53. I used to laugh at vegans, I thought they were crazy and malnourished. Now I’m vegan


54. I once supported cruelty and exploitation, now I’m vegan


55. I once used animal products three times a day, now I’m vegan


56. I once was called Mouse for my love of cheese, now I’m vegan


57. I once said it was OK to eat chickens and turkeys because they were ‘ugly’. Now I am vegan


58. I once said I couldn’t live without dairy cheese and Cadbury chocolate. Now I’m vegan


59. One of my favorite foods was fried baby octopus, now I’m vegan


60. I once ate 32 Chicken McNuggets in one sitting, now I’m vegan


61. I once ate an entire chicken in one sitting and now I’m vegan


62. I used to have meat and cheese in every meal, now I’m vegan


63. I liked my meat ultra rare and I would joke that I like it to say ‘moo’. Now I’m vegan


64. I once was an ice-cream connoisseur… (still am) but now I am vegan


65. I used to pour bacon fat on popcorn and top it with cheddar cheese, now I’m vegan


66. I once thought I needed meat and dairy for muscle, now I’m vegan


67. I once called an activist a ‘fucking hippy’, now I’m a vegan animal rights activist


68. I once ate 1kg of meat at a BBQ. By myself. Now I’m vegan


69. I once tried the Atkins diet for a year to supposedly lose weight. I was wrong. Now I know better


70. I used to eat horse tartare, Polish sausages and entire cheese blocks. Now I’m vegan


71. I once ate a whole kilogram of bacon to myself. Now I’m vegan


72. The triple Rodeo King burger was my favourite hamburger. Now I’m vegan


73. I ate raw fish and bloody steaks, now I am vegan


74. I once used a straw to blow into a frog to make her look like a balloon. Now I’m vegan


75. I thought that vegans were extreme and I ‘supported the concept of veganism’. Anyone can go vegan


76. I shot the snakes with a pellet gun and I ate everything that moved – now I’m vegan


77. I once ate 3 kgs of shrimp in only one day, now I’m vegan


78. I once ate egg + spam with instant noodles or egg + chinese sausage with white rice every day. Now I’m Vegan.


79. Once I couldn’t imagine my life without steak and cheese and now I’m vegan.


80. I once thought I need to eat animals to get protein, now I’m vegan.


81. I used to work in a meat market, and now I’m a very proud vegan


82. I once had contests with my high school friends to try eating a McDonald’s cheese burger in one bite. Now for 17 years I’m vegan


83. I used to be an Ice-cream lover and now I am a nice-cream lover


84. I once loved extra cheesy pizza and now I’m a vegan


85. I once ate an entire chicken from nando’s and now I’m a vegan


86. I used to hunt deer and small game with my dad…
I used to love steak, eggs and bacon..
I used to say that I could never go vegan… However, now I’m vegan!


87. In highschool I watched a documentary on factory farming, laughed, made jokes and went to McDonald’s for dinner.


88. I used to eat a dozen eggs a day and now I’m a raw vegan. If I can change anyone can!


89. I once ate milk chocolate everyday. Now I’m vegan


90. I used to love to eat chicken right off the bone. Now I’m vegan


91. I once used to love ribs & chicken, Now I’m vegan.


92. I used to hunt deer…
I used to fish the rivers & oceans…
I used to breed rabbits to kill…
for a ‘healthy source of lean & clean protein.
Now I’m vegan


93. I used to joke that the highlight of my life was my creamy bacon carbonara sauce smothering filet magnon…
I used to think that the taste and necessity of their flesh was more important than their life…
Now I am vegan


94. I once used to be convinced vegetarian until I realized that dairy industry is killing… Now I’m vegan.


95. I used to think farm animals are here for us to eat and we need dairy to get enough calcium, now I’m vegan.


96. My favourite restaurant order used to be streak. Now I’m vegan.


97. I used to eat butter by the stick, now I’m vegan.


98. I once consumed 8 lbs of crab legs in one sitting, won a fishing competition, code horses for 10+ years, and begged my dad to take me boar hunting. Now I’m vegan!


99. I once went 20 plus years without eating fruits/vegetables, eating only meat, dairy and etc. (animal products) Now I’m vegan.


100. I used to drink a gallon of milk a day. Now, I am vegan.


101. I once melted two whole packets of cheese onto my nachos and used to say my favourite meal was steak… Now I’m vegan.


102. I once ordered 30 cheeseburgers in 1 night. Now I’m vegan.


103. I once ate half a kilo of pork belly in one go…Now I’m vegan.


104. I once said I would never go vegan. Now I’m vegan.


105. I once ate kebap without salad and vegetables. Just bread and lots of meat.
Now I’m vegan.


106. I once ate 1 kg of schnitzel, topped with another 500 g of shredded beef and 300 g of cheese. Now I’m vegan!


107. I used to eat beef burgers bigger than my head! Now I’m vegan.


108. I once said I can never go vegan. Now I’m vegan.


109. I once said I love dairy products. Now I’m vegan.


110. I used to eat cheese everyday and drink almost half a litre of milk in one sitting!
Now I’m vegan


111. I once loved to eat sausages filled with cheese. Now I’m vegan.


112. I once loved eating innards like liver, kidney and heart. Now I am vegan.


113. I once loved to eat crispy pork skin as a snack and my favorite dish was a Thai soup with pork blood curd cubes in it.


114. I once said veganism was some sick cult. Now I’m vegan.


115. I once said I couldn’t live without dairy cheese and butter. Now I’m vegan


116. I once believed that there was a nice way to kill animals. Now I’m vegan.


117. I once said I could never give up cheese. Now I’m vegan.


118. I once worked on a dairy farm. Now I’m vegan.


119. I once killed a kingfisher bird and ate her. Now I’m vegan.


120. I once exclusively ate chicken & pork at an all you can eat restaurant. Now I’m vegan.


121. I used to growl and make T-rex noises while eating bacon and laughing at my vegan sister, and now I am vegan!


122. I used to drink 4 cups of whole milk every day & Now I’m raw vegan.


123. I once lived to eat chicken wings and loved butter. Now I’m vegan.


124. I once ate meat 3 times a day, 7 days a week…Now I’m vegan!


125. I used to torture and kill butterflies and once killed 120 fish in a day. Now I’m vegan!


126. I once ate two eggs every morning. Now I’m vegan.


127. I once ate eggs everyday. Now, I’m vegan.


128. I used to eat meat 2 times a day, and my favourite food was whole roasted chicken. Now I’m vegan.


129. I once stabbed a frog and ate it and thought it was fun. Now, I’m vegan!


130. I used to enjoy shrimp, tuna sandwiches, and spring rolls with meat in it. I always gagged at the thought of drinking green smoothies my mom made and Now I’m vegan!


131. I once used to eat meat & dairy-35 years ago… But now I’m vegan. And feeling younger every day!


132. I used to drink 15 egg whites as a protien shake & eat 4 tins of tuna for breakfast. Now I’m vegan.


133. I heard Dr Esselstyn in a radio interview about the benefits of a plant based diet I thought that’s too hard. I could never give up meat. Now I’ve been vegan 6.5 years.


134. I once watched my relatives hold down a goat, tie a rope around its testicles and tighten it while it was screaming and trying to escape. This was done to apparently “tenderize” the goat meat when it came time to slaughter and eat it…Now I’m vegan!


135. I once picked the cow that I wanted shot and cut up for my family’s freezer…Now I’m vegan!


136. I once celebrated my birthday at a steak restaurant. Now I’m vegan!


137. I once loved eating mortadella not knowing it was horse meat. Even after finding out I continued to eat it. Now I’m vegan!


138. They used to call me meat lover. Now I’m vegan.


139. Cheesecake and seafood used to be my weakness. Now I’m vegan.


140. I would spend $120 on a steak from my favourite restaurant and now I’m vegan!


141. I once loved baby back ribs. Let that sink…BABY COWS RIBS. Now I’m vegan.


142. I once shot and killed a 7 month old baby in front of his mother and later ate him. Now I am Vegan.


143. I once ate pasta with cheese and sausage, ham pizza, omelete and meatballs weekly because they were my favorite dishes. and Now I’m vegan.


144. I once thought that vegans are a bunch of extremists now I’m vegan.


145. I used to go fishing with family, think taxidermy animals were ‘cute’, ride on horses, think I loved animals, and say ‘f *** fish’ joking when I stopped eating other animals. Now I’m vegan.



147. I once considered steak as my favourite food, Now I’m vegan.

148. I used to go to subway every single day. Now I’m Vegan.


149. I once never ordered the vegetarian option at a restaurant… Now I’m vegan.


150. I once ate Nutella on butter toasts every morning. Now I’m vegan!


151. Once I thought that smoked corpse of a salmon was a delicacy. Luckily, I stopped being selfish. Now I’m vegan!


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