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HBO under pressure after whistleblower reports horse death on set
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The whistleblower revealed that the horse was already sick, sustained head trauma and was seen frothing at the mouth when he collapsed on the set.

HBO is being pressed to conduct an internal investigation after a whistleblower informed animal rights charity PETA that a horse allegedly died during filming in Nassau County.

The incident took place on the 28 June on the set of the television series The Gilded Age.

According to the source, the horse was 22 years old with possible health issues. PETA added that it was told that the animal sustained head trauma and was seen frothing at the mouth.

“If it weren’t for these whistleblowers, the apparent death of this vulnerable horse would likely have been swept under the rug,” PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo said in a statement.

In a letter to HBO Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys, PETA noted: “Horses aren’t props. They’re sensitive animals who can be startled easily.

“They should not be used in film or television productions at all. If they are, an equine behaviorist should be on set at all times, and this person must be given the authority to stop filming if horses begin to show what are often subtle signs of agitation.”

This isn’t the first time HBO has been called out for equine deaths on its sets.

Back in 2012, during production of the television series Luck, PETA revealed that three horses had died, which consequently led to the cancellation of the series.

Guillermo added: “PETA is reminding HBO that watchful, compassionate people can be found on every set and is urging it to stop using horses before someone else dies in its productions.”

HBO’s response

Following the incident, HBO released a statement, which read: “The safety and well-being of animals on all our productions is a top priority, and the producers of The Gilded Age work with American Humane to ensure full compliance with all safety precautions.”

According to HBO, representatives of the American Humane Society were on the set at the time of the death and interviewed all personnel.

However, the Nassau County SPCA, who is also investigating the death of the horse, informed that there are no laws requiring the humane society or experts to inspect animals on site.

Commenting on PETA’s claim over the horse’s condition, SPCA president Gary Rogers said: “If the horse died and fell to the ground they can bruise themselves.

“We’re trying to determine if it was caused by the incident or what is the cause of any bruising.”

If any neglect or abuse is found, the SPCA will contact the Nassau County district attorney.

Animal deaths on sets

Apart from HBO, PETA has called out other production companies too for their callous treatment of animals on set in the past

Last year, the vegan charity confronted Netflix to cut a scene from Nicolas Winding Refn’s Danish series, Drive after a whistleblower informed the group that a pig had been shot and killed for it.

PETA’s confidential whistleblowing hotline can be reached at 001 323-210-2233

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