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These mills breed animals both for the pet trade and for dogfighting and rake in hundreds of millions of South Korean won annually.

A new investigation has exposed horrific cruelty at puppy mills in South Korea.

PETA investigators recorded footage at four mills with government connections between March and July 2022. In the videos, frightened dogs frantically paced back and forth in cramped, filthy cages amidst the constant deafening sound of barking.

These mills breed animals both for the pet trade and for dogfighting and rake in hundreds of millions of South Korean won annually. One owner revealed that when dogs can no longer fight, they’re sold for meat and then killed.


The shocking footage reveals that “frightened dogs are held in perilously dilapidated cages and kennels encrusted with faeces.”

With hardly any space to move, the dogs are forced to stand on wire flooring that in turn could seriously injure their paws. Moreover, with piles of faeces decomposing underneath them and ammonia fumes polluting the air, dogs in these four puppy mills are at constant risk of infectious and parasitic diseases.

PETA also revealed that the video clips show dogs suffering from various skin conditions and injuries due to poor living conditions.

“Out of frustration and anxiety, the dogs constantly jump up and down, pace back and forth, and bark and the sound are so loud that it can actually cause pain and hearing loss. But when someone approaches, they cower and freeze – they are that terrified of humans,” the organization said.

The footage also exposed how these unsanitary facilities not only cause terrible suffering and deprivation but, also pose as a serious reservoir for many forms of bacteria and parasites that are transmissible among dogs and can also spread to humans.

Additionally, puppies younger than 6 weeks old are separated prematurely from their mothers and sold.

‘Never buy animals from a pet store or breeder’

Jason Baker is PETA’s senior vice president. He said: “Unable to escape the stench, noise, and pain, these dogs spend their days pacing back and forth in dingy cages without even a blanket to soothe them.

“PETA urges everyone to remember these dogs’ cries and pledge never to buy an animal from a pet store or breeder.”

Following the investigation, PETA has filed complaints with the government and four police stations however, the facilities are still allowed to continue to operate legally.

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