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Ask Vegans AnythingCategory: QuestionsIs it bad if i am vegan and have a pet parrot? Everyone is telling me I can do both

Is it bad if i am vegan and have a pet parrot? Everyone is telling me I can do both

AvatarAmy.d_x asked 11 months ago

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AvatarIbus answered 10 months ago

If you take good care of your parrot like you should, then there shouldn’t be an issue, so long as he has a happy life and gets a good amount of exercise and enrichment in his life and has a large care/enclosure then there isn’t really a problem you should worry about, idk a whole load about parrots but maybe if you can’t spend as much time with his as you’d like you could get him a friend? So long as he’s happy and healthy, then there isn’t much of a problem with a vegan having a pet.

AvatarMelanie answered 10 months ago

I completely agree ^

People take it way too seriously and out so much pressure in all the things you can’t do, do what you can and that is more than enough and more than anyone else is doing ❤️

Avatarmarc6vegan answered 10 months ago

Birds deserve to be free. They are never as happy in a cage. You can always go bird-watching or visit a proper sanctuary if you love animals. As vegans we need to think of it from the animal’s perspective: would you be happy in a cage?

AvatarMC241 answered 5 months ago

Tricky isn’t it. When i became vegan i had a dog and a cat. I look after them very well and they are very loved. However, will i replace them when they die……? Prob not.

But, im ‘my version of vegan’ , you be yours. I bet you are doing more good than you think so dont overthink it.

Avatarhangtvu777 answered 5 months ago

I adopted turtles. they were once someone’s pet and can’t be released into the wild. I’m giving them a good home. I total agree with MC241’s answer. Don’t overthink it too much. Just do what you think is best and you’ll do fine

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