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Can you be pro-choice and still be considered vegan?

AvatarAlicevalera0801 asked 5 years ago

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AvatarHban answered 5 years ago


AvatarCherrybeans69 answered 5 years ago

Yes, there shouldnt be any correlation with veganism and bodily autonomy. If a woman (or ofc trans person) doesnt consent to the pregnancy, abortions should be a procedure they can go through. I get some people might think you shouldnt because its an "innocent being" but its not, its just a clump of sells. Real living people should be more important. And for example if the fetus gives you health problems itd be better for both parent and fetus to get that abortion. So yeah pro choice

Avatarayana.12 answered 5 years ago

yes! i am also pro choice and vegan♥️

AvatarHaily34 answered 5 years ago


AvatarMelanie answered 5 years ago

100% I am the same

AvatarSuga answered 4 years ago

You are a fucking moron if you think it’s non ethical to eat animals yet be an advocate for abortion

AvatarVegan Light answered 2 years ago

Well vegans don’t kill even if the one to have his life cut short is their own offspring, but the other way round it might be true, in that if you have had an abortion you could still turn vegan, but animals don’t abort neither you know… Many think it s absolute female hate on the male’s part, which proves a female is so thick she will kill her own baby if requested because of some inconvenience.

Many vegans think it’s murder and won’t give you an easier ride than meat industry farmers get, because if we are all up in arms about treatment and murders of baby calves then we should be up in arms about treatment and murder of baby humans, and it is a good human rights cause

AvatarBrittany Bunk answered 1 year ago

Since people are animals too (and the vegan society definition doesn’t differentiate) – veganism goes hand-in-hand with respecting people. If you’re hurting one and helping another it’s a little hypocritical. Instead of having accidents, I believe in being more cautious and respectful of one’s own and another’s body. So if we can prevent having babies we don’t want through better family planning, let’s do that. Sometimes we might accept the child into the world – as it’s been born.

There’s ways to go about it where we don’t have to ask this question – to compromise our values. Rule of thumb is that if you feel you have to compromise your vegan values for something, it’s likely not vegan because you like something else more. If you get a non-vegan job but are a vegan – well now you’re about exploiting for money. If you want to be vegan but indulge in meat because of taste, now you exploit for taste. Here you want to exploit a child to erase one’s accidents – it’s not about the child nor veganism anymore.

However those ‘vegans’ who believe the definition’s only about non-human animals then they (pro-choice and veganism) just don’t relate. I just don’t believe a vegan who exploits other humans (who are animals) is a vegan, so I believe pro-choice isn’t vegan. And I used to be hard-lined pro-choice back in my meat-eating days! What a hypocrite I was.

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