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Ask Vegans AnythingCategory: QuestionsDo you think is healthy for a teen to be a vegan?

Do you think is healthy for a teen to be a vegan?

AvatarStelav123 asked 2 years ago

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AvatarCherrybeans69 answered 2 years ago

The only thing you should worry about if youre vegan is B12, which you can easily get in fortified plant milk, cereals, some breads and as supplements. Otherwise, just plan what youre gonna eat, make sure you have a source of plant protein, and if youre worried about gaining weight, which happened to me when i started out, just eat more green veggies, lots of spinach for iron also. Your mom has nothing to worry about. Im 16 and ive never felt better on a vegan diet, just make sure you get all the nutrients you need! Also if you stick to wholefoods its much easier to be healthy. Enjoy

Avatarc16 answered 2 years ago

i suggest watching Pippin Jardine’s “how to convince your parents” video on youtube. She is a vegan teenager and had a conversation with her parents which is really helpful. It contains parents views on everything including protein and vitaminas etc. i would really suggest watching this

Avatarsaloo_moreira answered 2 years ago

I’m a 16 years old girl and the only thing I worry about is B12, and vitamin D (only in winter) so I take supplements to make sure. But you don’t need to worry about anything else. I increase a lot my levels of iron, with an omnivore diet, I was anemic and now I have 3 times more iron than the average (which is incredible). So don’t be afraid! I’m Spanish so, sorry for my mistakes.

AvatarDominicanvegan answered 2 years ago

It was super easy for me to get everything I need. I was 15 when I went vegan, and likewise, my mom was worried. So I just told her I was only doing it for lent (but I had no intention of looking back). Over time my mom got used to it, and she even went vegan for a year (sadly she went back because we had a trip to DR and she was tempted). Just try to educate your mom on what veganism is and the benefits it has. Talk to her about the dairy and meat lobbyists in congress. Make her aware of the meat and dairy propaganda. Also make sure your diet is diverse. Don’t eat the same things over and over again. Make an effort to try new foods too!

AvatarMelanie answered 2 years ago

Vegan is not an unhealthy lifestyle in any way no more so than a non vegan it’s how you do it that makes a difference in both diets

AvatarClairelin answered 2 years ago

It’s healthy for everyone to be vegan no matter the age. Many people worry about getting protein but a lot of vegetables have more protein than a steak. I am 15 and I went vegan almost 6 months ago. As a teen, I believe you and I are old enough to decide what we want to eat. I could never eat any animal products in my life ever again. Seeing so many videos and being persuaded by many vegan activists invoked me to make a change in my life style.

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