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Heey, what is your opinion on honey? ?

Avatarsarahschechinger10 asked 1 year ago

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AvatarFriendsnoyfood answered 1 year ago

Bees work very hard to create honey and most bee keeping practice aren’t the most ethical. They typically rip the wings off the queen bee so they can’t leave. Exploitation of animals is exploitation of animals even if they are “just bugs”. If not abstaining from honey for ethical reasons, then just do to be a consistent vegan

Avatarjake.lx answered 1 year ago

Technically honey is not vegan (vegan society UK) and maple syrup is a fine substitute

AvatarAnnie answered 1 year ago

Bees are a form of exploitation, just like pigs, sheep etc. Bees collect pollen, bring it back to the hive, they then vomit up the pollen which makes the honey. Honey is then stored to feed the bees during the colder months. Honey is basically bee food. The queen has her wings clipped to prevent her from flying to another hive. Many bees get squashed during the harvesting when the beekeeper removes the sections. Honey is definitely not vegan. One honey bee typically produces only quarter of teaspoon of honey in its lifespan of about 5 years. All that hard work and then humans steal it. Hope this answer helps ? ?

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