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Ask Vegans AnythingCategory: QuestionsIs it okay to buy leather and wool from a thrift shop?

Is it okay to buy leather and wool from a thrift shop?

AvatarKenzy asked 9 months ago

4 Answers
AvatarMelanie answered 9 months ago

If you really want to them I guess because you weren’t the original buyer

I’m vegan and I wouldn’t myself but I don’t think it makes you a bad person if you do

Avatarmarc6vegan answered 9 months ago

No, you shouldnt buy wool or leather unless you dont have a choice. And most likely you do have a choice. It’s obviously better than buying it firsthand, but you are still contributing to the wrong industries and making a statement that using animal exploitative products is okay. Avoid it at all costs.

AvatarMC241 answered 4 months ago

Hi, two opposing answers already eh.

I’d say be ‘your version’ of a vegan.

How would you answer it if a friend asked your opinion on the question you asked ?? There is your answer.

AvatarSadie answered 3 months ago

I personally wouldn’t because all I would be able to think of is the death that animal endured just to make clothing.

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