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It is bad to be a vegan an a horse rider?

AvatarKaou asked 2 years ago

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AvatarVegHead answered 2 years ago

I would say it is not vegan to be a horse rider, despite horses being working animals. The prtority is horses growth plates and weight a rider(s) place on them, and stunting or harming their potential growth. That being said it dosen’t mean you cannot enjoy horses and working with them off the sattle

AvatarBeeSoto answered 2 years ago

I feel that we as Vegas are the voice of those animals that don’t have one. We also have to be able to place ourselves in the position to think like the animals. Would you want someone on your back on a hot day cold day a day you ate tired? Horses CAN go through a lot but they SHOULDN’T have to for the pleasure of our own selfishness.

AvatarMelanie answered 2 years ago

I agree with the first answer

But if it’s a hobby of yours and you know there is no harm caused don’t be so harsh in yourself do what you can you’re making a difference ❤️

But please don’t support any higher up racing/competitions because CRUEL isn’t even the word for them xx

Avatarhonestly.e answered 2 years ago

If riding is something you love to do and do not want to give up, it is much better to be vegan in all other areas of your life to minimize suffering rather than giving up on veganism because you’re not doing it “perfectly”. Strive for progress instead of perfection?

AvatarKaou answered 2 years ago

thank you very much to all for answering my doubt and for your sincerity, although it may not seem you have helped me a lot in this doubt, I obviously ride horses as a hobby and because I like horses a lot and spend time with them or with any other animal, and I do not obviously support horse racing, I know how much they suffer, , in fact it makes me so sad I hope that one day the animals will stop suffering because of our fault, that would make me very happy, and again thank u so much xx

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