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What’s the difference between vegan and plant based

Avatarjo_gains asked 5 years ago

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Avatarali_vgang answered 5 years ago

Vegans avoid animal expolitation across their entire lifestyle, whereas a plant based person may not. A vegan is likely to ear the same diet as a plant based person, but will also avoid all other forms of animal exploitation – e.g. wearing leather, using products that have been tested on animals etc. Plant based is a ‘diet’ wheras veganism is a ‘lifestyle’.

AvatarMelanie answered 5 years ago

Plant based = mainly vegan but some things won’t be

Vegan = no dairy/meat or any animal products like honey etc but some slip ups are okay we all do it or if you really wanted eggs but from a cruelty free locally produced brand Etc ❤️

Do what you can you’re making a difference

AvatarFiona Revell answered 2 years ago

Veganism is an ethical and moral lifestyle whereas plant based isn’t necessarily so – vegans are vegan for the animals furst and foremost, personal benefits are very much a bi-product

AvatarBrittany Bunk answered 1 year ago

Plant based is someone who eats plants and vegans avoid animal products. A plant-based person would buy a venus fly trap or a pitcher plant – being plant-based and a vegan would not. Plant based might eat almonds and palm oil, and a vegan would draw the line.

As long as the end product is a plant they don’t care how many animals were negatively impacted along the way. Plant-based may support animal testing with impossible burger even. Vegan would say no.

The issue is when people who are plant-based labels themselves as vegan – which makes it extra confusing, because there’s reductionist vegans – which believe in reducing animal consumption – in which they’d draw the line at plant-based. Then there’s absolutists where drawing the line isn’t enough – and asks ‘what’re we compromising?’ – continuing to seek perfection (even if they can’t attain it – they want to know what it is to strive for it).

AvatarBrittany Bunk answered 1 year ago

If someone says ‘but it’s a plant’ – you know who’s talking.

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