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Ask Vegans AnythingCategory: Questionswhat’s the problem with eating backyard eggs if the chickens are pets and not harmed?

what’s the problem with eating backyard eggs if the chickens are pets and not harmed?

Avatarmattski asked 2 years ago

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AvatarJadethne answered 2 years ago

I think it depends on how you see it. For some people, it would be okay to raise chicken, be good to them and to choose to take their eggs because "what will they do with it anyway?". And I think they are alright, we can see it as an exchange, can’t we? But, yeah there’s a but, some people think it’s alright to raise chicken but not to take their eggs because it’s kinda exploiting them and that’s what veganism is about, it’s about not exploiting animals and not taking what’s theirs. And those people are right too.

So, I think it’s all about you and what you think about it, because since you feel good with yourself doing what you’re doing, feeling in peace with yourself is important too.

So then, what do you think? Where’s the and is there a problem with eating eggs from chickens you’re raising?

AvatarNiamh_ answered 2 years ago

the question may not be about directly the pet chicken being hurt, but instead, things like, are they from a farm (where the male half of chicks will be killed or eaten) do they lay eggs daily (they have been genetically modifyed to lay 300-400 a year when nautrally would only lay 20-40) are you comfortable eating a hens period and the yolk of an egg is the most concentrated scource of cholstoral

Avatarxtra_vegan answered 2 years ago

Vegans consider it unethical to consume or commodify the bodies or products of animals. Chickens do not lay their eggs for humans, therefore we should not use them. Sometimes chickens may want to sit on the unfertilised eggs which is what they should be allowed to do, and if you break an egg open the chicken may eat it and recover valuable lost nutrients.

AvatarMelanie answered 2 years ago

I agree with the third most recent answer

Do what you can you’re making a difference any way don’t be too harsh on yourself

If you want eggs that’s the very best way to do it but if you can live without them then do if you’re in the middle then naturally a chicken lays 20-40 where as darnedest chickens lay 300-400 so try and not over eat them and please adopt chickens do not buy them from any industries ❤️

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