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Woolrich launches parka made from innovative vegan fibers
Image; Woolrich

Woolrich will release its iconic Arctic Parka using a next-generation fiber developed by Japanese start-up Spiber.

US outdoor label Woolrich has launched its first fully bio-based parka featuring breakthrough biotech Brewed Protein fibers.

The clothing and accessories brand partnered with Japanese company Spiber to create an eco-version of its iconic Arctic Parka.

The biobased parkas will be produced by Goldwin, a Japanese sportswear company with a minority stake in Woolrich, and will be available for Fall/Winter 2023 at both brands’ physical and online stores in the USA, Europe, and Japan. 

Spiber’s Brewed Protein fiber

The biotechnology startup utilizes cutting-edge synthetic biology, polymer, and material science for the development of its novel Brewed Protein materials.

The company has the technology to design amino acid sequences (i.e., to design the DNA that codes for these sequences) for specific purposes: fibers, yarns, and fabrics, for example.

Spiber uses microbial fermentation to create new polymers as substitutes for animal fabrics instead of relying on plant-based components like apples or grapes for alt-leather.

According to the biotech, its polymer is an animal-free synthetic protein platform, and is completely bio-based, biodegradable, and cruelty-free.

The manufacturing process also eliminates the problem of microplastics and  greenhouse gas emissions associated with industrial-scale textile fiber production in the fashion industry.

Moreover, it also requires less land and water use than traditional animal-derived fibers such as cashmere.

Spiber’s primary objective is to use the Brewed Protein fibers as an alternative to a wide range of conventional materials of animal, vegetable, and synthetic origin for various purposes apart from textile applications for the clothing industry.

The biotech company manufactures large quantities of Brewed Protein materials at its Thai factory and is preparing to open a new production site in the USA.

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