Andrew Tate stirs up controversy with outrageous vegan comments | Totally Vegan Buzz
Andrew Tate stirs up controversy with outrageous vegan comments
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“All vegans are perma banned from my existence for being stupid.”

Controversial social media personality Andrew Tate has aired his views on vegans in a new Twitter post.

The self-proclaimed wealthy businessman posted a lengthy message that communicated his refusal to associate or do business with vegans since in his ‘arbitrary’ rule book, he believes vegans are ‘morons’.

“That’s what I believe and I refuse to ever talk to any of them ever,” he wrote.

“I won’t let a vegan fly my jet.

“I won’t let a vegan ask me a question.”

He added: “All vegans are perma banned from my existence for being stupid.”

He further wrote: “A vegan can have the best business idea in the world, don’t care.

“I will abandon a business project at 99% completion if I find out someone else involved is a vegan.”

Tate controversy

This isn’t the first time Tate has made headlines for his controversial statements. In December 2022, he taunted environmental activist Greta Thunberg about his car collection and its emissions.

Thunberg responded with a witty retort that quickly went viral, amassing over a million likes and 250,000 retweets.

Online reaction

Tate’s tweet has garnered strong reactions from the online community this time.

The reactions have been mixed though. While some users found humour in his arrogant statements, others showed concern about the repercussions of such discriminatory behaviour in today’s society.

“With clearly intelligent and insightful tweets such as this… thank God us vegans don’t have to worry about you trying to bother us with your underrated genius. Our brains fueled by the direct source of nutrients, instead of second-hand nutrients from murdered animal carcasses, would not be able to handle it,” wrote one user.

“What is about people that makes them want to hate and sound off what other people decide to do? How does someone who decided to be a non-meat eater affect you? And by the way what’s wrong with people not wanting to “eat” animals,” another added.

Another exasperated person tweeted: “You must be so proud of yourself for being a pompous, arrogant prick who judges people based on their dietary choices. Congratulations on achieving the title of “Biggest Douchebag of the Century.”

“And here’s a newsflash, you delusional buffoon: refusing to work with vegans doesn’t make you cool or powerful. It just shows how incredibly insecure and narrow-minded you are. So go ahead, keep patting yourself on the back for your steak-filled existence while the rest of us laugh at your pathetic attempts to justify your ignorance.”

A fourth one asked: “You’re dying in a hospital and the only doctor that can save you is a vegan, do you reject that care? It’s funny but a bit weird.” 

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