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Celebrity survivalist Bear Grylls Ditches Veganism Saying his ‘health tanked on it’
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According to Grylls, eating organ meat, raw dairy, and honey and avoiding processed foods full of damaging seed oils is the secret to his health.

Bear Grylls has come under fire after he posted a video revealing his secret to ‘staying strong’.

In a post on Twitter, he wrote: “I’m often asked my secret to having the energy to tackle some of life’s toughest challenges?

“Nutrition is key, as is resistance training, sunlight, cold water, and a fun community.”

In the accompanying clip, he explained: “The way I build all of my meals is around really good grass-fed, good-quality meat—red meat.

“I always take in a bit of liver as well, every few days. Good grass-fed, good-quality liver.

“There’s so much research going into this of actually how much we need red meat and how nutrient dense liver is. I try to pick the really good, grass-fed, quality stuff.

“Then, lots of raw dairy, as much fruit as I can, and good quality honey. I don’t have much bread and pasta, and I just try to avoid the processed food that is full of so many of the damaging seed oils.

“I also supplement with Ancestral Supplements – check them out—because the truth is we need more organs than just the liver; we should be eating pancreas and hearts and all of that sort of stuff—testicles, all of that.

“So good, ancestrally and naturally.”

He concluded: “That combination is how I eat, how I try my best to stay strong. Hope that helps.”

Why did Bear Grylls ditch his vegan diet?

The new video comes after the British adventurer gave up his vegan diet last year, claiming his health tanked and his kidneys suffered.

In an interview with GQ Magazine at the time, Grylls said: “I was a massive advocate of the vegan lifestyle for years and wrote a book on it, but my health tanked on it. When I got COVID a couple of years ago, I doubled down on what I thought was healthy—raw juice, vegetables—and got mega-sore kidneys, almost kidney stones.”

Online backlash

However, it seems people don’t agree with Grylls’ opinions, as his video attracted criticism for his  ‘absolute nonsense’ and ‘false statements’.

One user wrote: “The truth is we don’t need to eat more organs, absolute nonsense and disappointing to watch!”

Another added:  “So sad and disappointing to see you claiming such a false statement”.

But Grylls’ argument for ditching the vegan lifestyle went beyond its health implications. He said at the time: “[I] certainly couldn’t do 25 pull-ups. 

“The more research I’ve done, I’ve noticed raw vegetables are really not good for you.”

In a TV show with Louis Theroux, he added: “I don’t have a lot of vegetables. I always think if you’re in nature, you’re a broccoli growing in the ground, how do you defend yourself?

“You haven’t got claws, you have all these things that don’t want you to eat it. Defence chemicals.”

One user clearly upset with Grylls’ narrative wrote: “My 18yo son, who has eaten broccoli quite happily his whole life, now refuses to eat because of your moronic comment. Talk to a nutritionist ffs.”

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