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Billie Eilish urges public to try Veganuary and give the ‘earth a fighting chance’

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The ‘No Time to Die’ singer throws her weight behind the annual 31-day challenge to try vegan.

Award-winning singer-songwriter Billie Eilish recently supported the Veganuary campaign by urging her fans to try a vegan diet.

In a statement, Eilish, who has been vegan for eight years, said: “By replacing meat consumption with plant-based foods, together we can give the earth a fighting chance.”

Eilish joins a slew of celebrities, including Paul McCartney, Lewis Hamilton, Brian May , Evanna Lynch, Venus Williams, and Chris Packham, who’ve backed the campaign in the past.

‘Small changes have a big impact’

This year, Veganuary organisers have released The Vegan Kit – a gift box of advice and inspiration cards – that provides all you need to know to go vegan, including motivational messages from compassionate celebrities.

The pack contains 40 cards full of practical, informative, inspirational, and fun advice about trying plant-based foods. The kit also includes tips on how to plan for weekly grocery shopping, navigate dinners out, make informed nutritional decisions, and more.

“Eating more plant-based foods is a win for the environment, for animals, for global health, and often for personal health, too,” Toni Vernelli, head of communications at Veganuary, said.

“One thing we know for sure: small changes to what we eat can have a big impact on the world, and the world needs all of us to make positive changes right now.”

The kit costs £14.99 (US$18.24) and is available at British book retailer Waterstones, and online on Amazon and the Veganuary shop.

The 31-day vegan pledge

Veganuary was first launched in the UK in 2014, however, several countries have adopted the initiative. According to the organisation, so far, nearly 2.5 million people from every country except North Korea have signed up for the annual challenge.

In recent years, multinational brands, retailers, and restaurants have joined Veganuary by offering promotions, giveaways, and special menu items.

 Last year, more than 1,500 vegan products and menus launched in January. This year, more major brands are gearing up with Veganuary promotions.

Eilish’s plant- based advocacy

This is not the first time Eilish has spoken out about vegan food and the climate emergency.

Speaking at Friends of the Earth’s (FoE) Climate-Friendly School Food Program campaign, she revealed how the treatment of animals within the food system coupled with how their products impact the climate, pushed her to transition from vegetarianism to a vegan life.

“Shifting our diets towards more plant-based foods can have a major impact on climate change,” she said.

Over the past year   she has collaborated with Nike on a pair of vegan, sustainable sneakers. She also executive produced the Overheated documentary centred on climate anxiety and hosted an Overheated climate conference in London.

The 21-year-old also received the Environmental Media Association’s Missions in Music Award.

Eilish also partnered with the non-profit Reverb to make her world tour more sustainable and offered plant-based concessions at all venues. She even turned London’s O2 arena fully vegan for her residency.

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