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PETA’s new campaign aims to show how terrified animals are abused and killed for clothes.

A group of celebrities have reacted to shocking video footage from PETA’s exposés of the wool, mohair, cashmere, alpaca, and angora industries.

The celebrities included Love Island cast members Kady McDermott and Abigail Rawlings; reality star and content creator Shabaz Ali, aka “Shabaz Says”; The Traitors winners Meryl Williams and Aaron Evans; Married at First Sight UK star Jenna Robinson; vegan content creator Nicole Whittle; and Loaded in Paradise star Amelia Bell.

More people should know

PETA compiled the video with footage from five undercover investigations.

The clip opens with Abigail Rawlings and Meryl Williams crying as they react to videos of animals being tortured for clothing.

“I thought they just shaved the sheep,” Williams says in the video while Evans covers his face and states, “I hate this so much!”

Shabaz Ali added: “To have watched people actually stand on them, to shear them until they’re bleeding, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at the wool industry or anything the same ever again.”

“The awareness needs to be spread so more people know,” Rawlings chimed.

Animal cruelty in fashion

PETA entities have published dozens of videos revealing the horrors inflicted on animals for clothing. According to the charity, the torment shown to public figures is routine practice.

“Before their skin or hair reaches shop shelves, animals endure a life of misery, pain, frustration, and fear,” the charity organization said.

Captured footage revealed workers hitting, kicking, and mutilating gentle sheep for their wool. Other clips showed hapless goats bleeding with gaping wounds at mohair and cashmere operations.

The charity also exposed farms where rabbits are subjected to violent plucking, during which they are tied up and their soft hair is torn out by the fistful, for angora.

At the end of the video, Kady McDermott and others urge viewers to avoid purchasing any animal-derived clothing.

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