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Martin Freeman Ditched Being Veggie For Meat After 38 Years

Photo courtesy: Dish Podcast

Martin Freeman has quit being a vegetarian after 38 years, citing meat substitutes as “very processed” as his reason for the decision.

Known for his roles in Sherlock and The Hobbit, actor Martin Freeman discussed his diet during an appearance on the Dish podcast with hosts Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett, where they enjoyed a classic spaghetti bolognese.

During the interview, Freeman explained that he originally stopped eating meat as a teenager, stating, “I started being a vegetarian in January 1986 because I was never really comfortable with the idea of eating animals.”

Reflecting on his recent dietary changes, he remarked, “I’ve now come off being a vegetarian,” blaming the high level of processing in meat substitutes as a key reason for his decision.

Media courtesy: Dish Podcast

“In the last several months, it’s really new going back to being an omnivore, just sort of eating what I like,” he told Dish. Despite describing some meat substitutes as “really lovely,” his concerns about their highly processed nature influenced his return to eating meat. “It’s a funny one, because I like meat replacement things, but my reservation about them is they can be very, very processed and I’m trying to eat less processed food,” he shared.

Host Nick Grimshaw also discussed his brief experiment with a plant-based diet. He explained that he adopted a primarily vegan diet while living with a vegan friend but had to ‘break my veganism’ when tempted by a scotch egg at a party.

Freeman discussed indulging in meat since reintroducing it into his diet, sharing his love for scotch eggs and pork pies: “Scotch egg was one of the things, I thought, ‘It’s a free country, I can do what I like’. And also, do you know the other thing – a pork pie with the jelly…a bit of mustard on a pork pie – oh man. It’s food of the gods.”

This stance did not sit well with his fans, particularly those who are vegetarians. He’s received some backlash from activists, including Richard McIlwain, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society in Britain.

McIlwain criticized Freeman’s justification for leaving vegetarianism, asserting, “Where he talks about tucking into a scotch egg and a pork pie, he should know that they’re just as ultra-processed,” and added, “He bemoans the fact that vegetarian foods are over-processed, and then talks about eating scotch eggs and pork pies. I’m not sure he’s got this health angle quite right, to be honest.”

While individual choices can vary, the broader shift towards plant-based diets is supported by evidence suggesting significant health benefits. These include lower risks of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Furthermore, plant-based diets are often better for the environment, reducing one’s carbon footprint and promoting sustainable food practices. Opting for less processed, plant-based foods can be a wholesome, ethical, and environmentally conscious choice that aligns with both health goals and ecological sustainability.

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