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Joaquin Phoenix wears pro-vegan hoodie at Golden Globes 2021
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 “The only way to end this cruelty and spare ducks is to stop buying items that contain feathers.”

Oscar winner and longtime vegan Joaquin Phoenix has spoken out againtst  the  unspeakable cruelty routinely carried out against ducks for the down industry.

His call follows a new PETA exposé that shows workers electrocuting birds and stabbing them in the neck before their feathers are sold by high-profile brands under the deceptively named “Responsible Down Standard” label.

Joaquin Phoenix joined PETA to narrate a video about PETA’s investigation.

The video includes footage from duck farms and slaughterhouses in Vietnam connected to companies that sell down goods—including GAP Inc., Guess, and H&M, among others.

Workers were seen mercilessly stabbing ducks, slitting their throats while they were still conscious, and cutting the feet off live birds.

Other clips revealed that ducks were crammed into filthy sheds and forced to live on wire flooring or confined to dirt lots strewn with faeces.

Many were seen breathing with their mouths, which is a sign of stress, overheating, or a respiratory infection. Others suffered from gaping, bloody wounds.

“Many had difficulty walking or were unable to stand up at all, possibly as a result of severe infections or fractured legs,” PETA revealed.

“A worker grabbed one immobile duck by the neck and tossed her aside. Dying birds were left to suffer, and the bodies of those who had died were often left in full view of the others.”

The ‘Responsible Down Standard’ lie

The Responsible Down Standard claims to “ensure that down and feathers do not come from supply chains in which animals have been subjected to any unnecessary harm.” But every farm and slaughter facility visited by PETA Asia investigators confirmed that they sold  down to RDS-certified suppliers.

Phoenix, in the video excerpt that is far less graphic than the full version, concluded: “The only way to end this cruelty and spare ducks is to stop buying items that contain feathers.

“Please remember to check labels, and if they list ‘down’ or ‘responsible’ down, think of these ducks and leave the item on the rack or shelf.”

Vegan Down

PETA added: “The appalling cruelty uncovered by this investigation shows why even purportedly responsible down is never ethical or humane.

“The only way to ensure that no birds suffer for your clothing or bedding is to choose vegan materials.”

Many companies are using high-tech vegan materials such as The North Face, Harper Coats, Matt & Nat, and Wuxly Movement  that are better for both birds and the environment.

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