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Silk makes nepo babies get milk mustaches to boost plant-based alternatives

Silk makes nepo babies get milk mustaches to boost plant-based alternatives
Image : Silk

Plant-based beverage brand Silk has recreated a famous dairy campaign with a handful of next-gen celebrity children.

The Danone North America brand has given a plant-based twist to the legendary “Got milk?” campaign and its iconic milk mustaches. 

The campaign features Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, the son of soccer legend David Beckham and singer Victoria Beckham; Ella Bleu Travolta, daughter of actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston; Sailor Brinkley Cook, daughter of supermodel Christie Brinkley; and Shaquille O’Neal’s son Myles O’Neal (joined by siblings Shareef, Me’Arah, Shaqir and Amirah)

All of these influencers have at least one parent who previously sported a milk mustache for “Got Milk?” and they in turn will be sporting plant-based ‘staches on screen, across social media, and on U.S. billboards in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas to show how delicious and fun plant-based can be.  

The future is plant-based

The ads were developed with the creative agency Orchard. According to Silk, these so called nepo babies represent a new generation of consumers who increasingly reach for plant-based options, “including Silk Nextmilk, an oat-coconut blend that the brand says contains 75% less sugar than rival products.

“With help from the faces of the next generation, we’re showing just how easy it is to reach for and enjoy plant-based beverages like Silk Nextmilk,” Olivia Sanchez, vice president of marketing for plant-based beverages at Danone North America, said.

“As a leader in the plant-based category, we recognize that the next generation is interested in incorporating more plant-based options into their lifestyles. Silk Nextmilk is a better milk, and with a taste and texture you love. We know dairy lovers and plant-based enthusiasts will see they’re not compromising any beloved milk moments, including dunking their favorite cookie into a glass of Nextmilk.”

Are the star-kids vegan?

A lot of these star kids are following plant-based lifestyles. For instance, Sailor has been dairy-free since she was 13 and follows a primarily vegan diet.

Sailor Brinkley Cook for Silk Nextmilk

“My mom raised me vegetarian, and I’ve gone in and out of eating seafood only for health purposes, but pretty much 95% of my diet is vegan and has been my entire life,” she told PEOPLE.

“I’ve literally never had a hamburger, never had a hot dog, never had a piece of steak. So, these alternatives are very important to my life.”

She added: “It’s what makes my body feel the best,” she adds. “The more that I’ve looked into living a plant-based lifestyle, the more I realize that it not only benefits myself, but it benefits the world.”

22-year-old Travolta has been strictly plant based for over a year. She was thrilled to be a part of the campaign since she is a fan of the Silk brand.

Ella Travolta for Silk Nextmilk

 “Silk Nextmilk is here for the next generation of milk drinkers, and as a proud vegan and Silk fanatic, I’m thrilled to be one of the first faces repping Silk with a plant-based ‘stache,” said Travolta.

“I’m a baking enthusiast, so if I’m not drinking a glass of Silk Nextmilk, I’m adding it to a batch of my homemade plant-based banana bread.”

Myles O’Neal for Silk Nextmilk

Silk contest

The plant-milk brand is also running a contest where consumers can use the Silk plant-based mustache filter on TikTok for a chance to win free Silk Nextmilk for a year and be featured in a Silk Nextmilk billboard in Times Square. To find out more, visit or check out @Silk on Instagram and @LoveMySilk on TikTok.

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