10+ Hilarious Vegan Memes To Help Celebrate A Cruelty-Free Christmas

Christmas as a vegan can be challenging. Facing awkward questions from family members, or having meat waved in your face and told how much you’re missing out, can be frustrating.

But vegans can merrily celebrate Christmas knowing there’s no suffering on their dinner plate. To ease any festive nerves, enjoy these hilarious vegan Christmas memes to get your holiday spirits flowing.

1. Pure facts, delivered with a smile

Credit: Pinterest

2. We salute you

Credit: Pinterest

3. Get your facts straight

Credit: Pintrest

4. Get informed

Credit: Pinterest

5. Hell no!

Credit: Twitter

6. Show compassion

Credit: Pinterest

7. Stay calm, keep smiling

Credit: Pinterest

8. Watch your back

Credit: Pinterest

9. Vegan love

Credit: Pinterest

10. Vegan May

What’s your favourite vegan Christmas meme? Share your favourite in the comments section below!

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