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Gallery- 25 weird and wonderful vegan tattoos
Image: @yesyesshamrock and @khameleonmom on Twitter

Dedicated vegans have shared inspiring tattoos which spread the message of compassion towards animals on social media.

The collection began after @soul_eubanks posted on Twitter as he contemplated which vegan tattoo to get for himself, and asked followers for advice.

The activist posted: “I’m thinking of getting a vegan tattoo that says “Until Every Cage Is Empty” please share your ideas of good vegan tattoos and if you have a vegan tattoo feel free to drop a pic of it in the comments.”

Floods of ideas and inspiration immediately flooded in.

Vegan influencer @herbivore_club kicked things off with a tribute to a plant-based diet – and the activist’s Twitter handle.

This stunning tribute to the beauty of cows was shared by vegan @khameleonmom.

Next up was photographer @vege_mommy with a minimal sign for compassion.

On the flip side, @Angstzustand79 went for a more intense look with the message: ‘meat is murder’.

Animal rights activist @AhForFoxSake went for the minimalist ‘269’ – a reference to Calf 269 who was saved from slaughter and inspired the formation of an animal rights group.

Many vegans including @LTMMandalyn used signature leaves to signify their allegiance to animals.

And @iamgiacomelli featured the trademark leaf in a tattoo which expresses vegan, love and freedom.

These tattoos from @arodriguezpsyd celebrate animals and use totally vegan ink, naturally.

And bigger isn’t always better, as proven by these subtle tattoos from @mimian2009.

As inspiration for pig lover, @MurtlapEssence_ shared this masterpiece of ‘Mr. Oinkers’.

Another set of perfect piggies came in from @YeyesShamrock.

And vegan fitness fanatic @teresvcat_ gave inspiration for some more minimal vegan hand tattoos.

‘Cow’s are pals was the message from @SpacePotatoHan.

Vegan junk food lover @oatmilkdaddy shared this striking demand for animal liberation.

Reminding the world that veganism relates to all the world’s animals, @VeganJeffH shared this elephant tattoo.

A reminder of the ongoing struggle for animals, @freaksnail1 reminded the world that activism will continue ‘until all animals are free’.

On a similar theme @joy__wilde gave inspiration for activism.

Some beautiful veggie inspiration was given by @bobbystockings.

‘Just because we walk on two does not mean we are superior to those who walk on four’ was the message from @alexia__rae.

And @THATherbivore provides a ‘voice for the voiceless’.

Star Wars lover @GMulrine went for this sci-fi vegan tattoo.

A vegan message peeps out from the collar of @BayvilleThe.

And @qhopp went for a small V to highlight their compassion for animals.

Do you have any vegan tattoos? Share you images in the comments section below!

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