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25 Hilarious vegan memes that provide valuable emotional support
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Being vegan can be a serious business. We passionately believe in the protection of animals, the environment and our own personal health. Though it’s totally worth it, this can be hard-going, particularly when ignorant meat-eaters start grinding your gears.

But if we take all the stupid questions with a pinch of salt, and have a good giggle at the trials and tribulations we face, we’ll all be better for it! So for some light-hearted relief, Totally Vegan Buzz brings you hilarious vegan memes to boost your wonderful plant-based spirits.

1. Shut up and take my money

2. Whole tub every time… amirite

3. We over here eatin pizza, ice cream, filthy af burgers, candy, chocolate… cruelty free tastes better bruh

4. Smh let me eat my donut in peace Susan

5. Every damn day

6. Just no…

7. Happens to the best of us

8. It do be like that tho

9. Who’s been there…

10. Just a side salad then I guess

11. Ya got me. Gimme all the junk

12. Just NOPE

13. A question that never gets old

14. I mean, I’d be pretty happy tbf

15. Nah that ain’t it chief

16. Smh

17. Level 11 vegan over here

18. Here we go again

19. How… how is it possible to forget to eat?

20. Leave soy alone already


22. You pick this eggplant up in the supermarket. Wyd?

23. Wait a minute…

24. In. Love

25. Asking the real questions

26. Condolences and prayers

Which was your favourite? Share your best vegan memes in the comments below!

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