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6 Of The Best Cruelty Free And Vegan Makeup Brands Out There

1. Kat Von D

Image source KatVonD facebook.com

Known for her ‘alternative’ aesthetic, American animal rights activist and super MUA (makeup artist, btw) Katherine von Drachenberg is famous for her crazy shades – think cobalt blue eyebrow powders, black lipsticks, and opalescent cheek highlighters – but stocks a glorious range of classic colour palettes too. Check out the makeup tutorials on her website: they’re another level of cool.
Price: mid range
Signature products: Metal Crush in ‘Thunderstruck’, the Tattoo Liner, and Lock-It Concealer Cream

2. B. Beauty

Image courtesy officialBbeauty Twitter

Superdrug’s own makeup brand is very proud to be cruelty-free and vegan. Offering a generous range of classic shades to match and compliment a wide spectrum of skin tones, B. makeup is super affordable so absolutely perfect for stocking up on makeup bag staples and everyday wear.
Price: very affordable
Signature products: Cassie Lomas Glitter Pigments, and Pro Contour Stick.


Image source Inika facebook.com

Produced from natural ingredients, not only are Australian brand INIKA products cruelty free, vegan and botanical: they’re organic too. This is the where ‘kind’ makeup begins and ends, because not only are the animals alright, there aren’t any nasty chemicals or ingredients going anywhere near your skin either. Great for earthy and neutral tone lovers.
Price: nudging the higher end
Signature products: Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duos, Long Lash Vegan Mascara, and Loose Mineral Foundation

4. NYX

Image source NYX facebook.com

Certified cruelty free by PETA, NYX is another makeup brand which boasts shades and products that suit all skin tones, with lively, bright pigments and colours to compliment them. We love that they do a glitter primer, and a range of shimmery body glitters too. We love that they list the ingredients on each product page on their site.
Price: affordable
Signature products: Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights, and Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp

5. GOSH Copenhagen

Image source Gosh Cosmetics facebook.com

Somewhat remarkably, Danish company GOSH was founded back in the 1940s but didn’t make its way into international markets until the 1990s. Today, you will find GOSH cosmetics stocked in Superdrug, and gosh; they’re good! We’re especial fans of their huge range of nail polishes, in muted millennial tones and stony metallics.
Price: affordable
Signature products: Overnight Primer Oil Essence, and OMG Nail Lacquer

6. Charlotte Tilbury

Image source Charlotte Tilbury facebook.com

The super A-List makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury’s range features classic tones and palettes designed to enhance natural beauty: not paint it on. And for a brand that only launched five years ago, it’s made its mark on the beauty and fashion world! Tilbury’s entire range is cruelty free, and she’s proud of her vegan friendly products too.
Price: high end
Signature products: Magic Foundation, and Hot Lips lipstick in Hell’s Bells

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