New Vegan Documentary H.O.P.E. Battles To ‘Make Slaughterhouses Obsolete’

  • Pioneering new film examines the effects of a typical Western diet and showcases benefits of wholefoods plant-based diet
  • Features renowned experts including primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall, author of 'The China Study', T. Colin Campbell and physician Dr Caldwell Esselstyn
  • Full documentary will be available to watch worldwide for free

Revolutionary new vegan documentary H.O.P.E. – What You Eat Matters aims to change the world by influencing eating habits to render slaughterhouses obsolete.

H.O.P.E., or Healing Of Planet Earth, showcases how we can improve our health, reduce damage to the planet and prevent industrialised cruelty to animals by embracing a plant-based diet.

The film addresses worldwide epidemics such as obesity, heart disease and the environmental damage caused by animal agriculture – identifying veganism as the single most effective path towards a healthier and happier future for all life on earth.

Filmmaker and initiator of the H.O.P.E. project, Nina Messinger, said: “Let’s not fight against slaughterhouses. Let’s make them obsolete by choosing to live with compassion and respect for all life.”

The must-watch documentary features a compelling investigation into the influence of farming and pharmaceutical business on governments across the globe.

With an impressive cast of renowned experts in nutrition, medicine, science and agriculture, including Dr. Jane Goodall, T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Dr. Vandana Shiva and Melanie Joy, the film provides a wealth of statistical evidence which supports the movement towards a plant-based diet.

“I think the most important message that I have, is to remember that you as an individual make a difference,” explained Dr. Jane Goodall.

“Your life matters, you matter, so choose wisely.”

A still from Vegan Documentary ‘H.O.P.E - What You Eat Matters’ where 3 baby chickens are standing on a pillar amongst others
Image courtesy of H.O.P.E. – The Project

Sir Paul McCartney, a vegetarian campaigner, reacted: “This important film highlights the choices we must make to help protect this planet and its inhabitants.”

A still from Vegan Documentary ‘H.O.P.E - What You Eat Matters’ where a woman is showing compassion for a cow in a farm
Image courtesy of H.O.P.E. – The Project

You can find out more about the film HERE.

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Featured image courtesy of H.O.P.E. – The Project

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