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20+ Incredible Vegan Christmas Dessert Recipes Your Family Won’t Believe Are Vegan

Brace yourself for one of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make this year. With an unbearably delicious selection of vegan Christmas recipes out there to choose from, Totally Vegan Buzz brings you the ultimate list of the best recipes to round off your perfect festive meal.

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1. Christmas Brandy Truffles

Incredibly rich truffles packed with brandy and dark chocolate. Recipe by Vegan Recipe Club

2. Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

This chocolate date torte features a chocolate brownie base with salty date caramel and coconut cream. Recipe by The First Mess.

3. Sweet Potato Chai Spice Scones

Sweet Potato Chai Spiced Scones. Image: Thug Kitchen

These explosive scones feature chai spiced tea and sweet potato puree. Recipe by Thug Kitchen.

4. Homemade Nutella Christmas Tree

ThisĀ decadent totally vegan treat is a simple recipe featuring puff pastry, dark chocolate and maple syrup. Recipe by BOSH!

5. Vegan Gingerbread Sticky Toffee Pudding

A vegan sticky toffee pudding packed with ginger for the perfect end to a Christmas feast. Recipe by Great British Chefs.

6. BĆ»che de NoĆ«l: Christmas Log CakeĀ 

Image courtesy of One Green Planet

This festive twist on a Swiss roll can easily be turned vegan, and is just as deliciously decadent as its dairy alternative. Recipe by One Green Planet.

7. Cinnamon Rolls

Vegan cinnamon rolls. Image: Minimalist Baker.

These cinnamon rolls are totally gluten free, bursting with flavour and surprisingly easy to bake. Recipe by Minimalist Baker.

8. Christmas Fruit Cake

Vegan gluten-free fruit cake. Image: Vegan Richa.

This Christmas fruit-cake is gluten free and featuresĀ nuts, dried fruits, dates, seeds and candied ginger. Recipe by Vegan Richa.

9. Simple Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Image Courtesy of Simple Vegan

A simple pudding recipe featuringĀ avocado, unsweetened cocoa powder,Ā rice milk,Ā maple syrup andĀ vanilla extract. Recipe by Simple Vegan.

10. Vegan Christmas Pudding

Image courtesy of BBC Food

A vegan Christmas cake crammed full ofĀ dried figs, raisins, sultanas and rum. Best served with vegan ice cream. Recipe by BBC Food.

11. Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

Image courtesy of I Love Vegan

Cookies bursting with ginger flavour – beautifully shaped and decorated with festive icing. Recipe by I Love Vegan.

12. Pumpkin Pie

Vegan pumpkin pie. Image: The Edgy Veg.

The secret to this mouth-watering pumpkin pie is in the spices. Recipe by The Edgy Veg.

13. Chocolate Cake With Whipped Coconut Icing and Pomegranates

Double-layered chocolate cake. Image: Deliciously Ella

This chocolate cake is pure heaven, featuring sweet potatoes and generous helpings of cinnamon, honey and pomegranates. Recipe by Deliciously Ella.

14. Chocolate Brownies

These gooey, nutty chocolate brownies feature heaps of dark chocolate and cocoa powder. Recipe by Jamie Oliver.

15. Snowmen Meringue Cookies

snowmen meringue cookies. Image: Vegan Huggs

The secret to binding these adorableĀ meringue snowmen cookies is the use of chickpea water in place of eggs. Recipe by Vegan Huggs.

16. Sweet Mince Pies

Image courtesy of Trinity’s Kitchen

Theses sweet mince pies are totally vegan and gluten-free. They feature warming winter spices including cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. Recipe by Trinity’s Kitchen.

17. Hazelnut and Ginger Chocolate Fudge Bark

Image courtesy of Delicious Magazine

Chocolate fudge crammed full of cacao and coconut milk – to go perfectly with a Christmas coffee. Recipe from Delicious Magazine.

18. Jam Dot Holiday Cookies

Jam Dot Holiday Cookies. Image: Forks Over Knives

The assorted, walnutty cookies come in a variety of flavours including strawberry, mixed berry, mango and apricot. Recipe by Forks Over Knives.

19. Gingerbread Cut-out Cookies

Gingerbread cut-out cookies. Image: Isa Chandra

Design your own gingerbread cookies with a delicious combination of nutmeg, cloves, ginger and cinnamon. Recipe by Isa Chandra.

20. Cranberry And Blueberry Muffins

Image courtesy of Veganosity

These muffins feature the perfect combination of tart and tangy cranberries with sweet, plump blueberries. Recipe by Veganosity.

Which is your favourite vegan Christmas dessert? Tell us in the comments section below!

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