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Mycelium-Based MyBacon Strips Expands to the West Coast

Media Credit: MyForest Foods Co

MyForest Foods, previously known as Atlast, is revolutionizing the plant-based food market with its innovative mycelium-based MyBacon strips. Founded in 2020 as an Ecovative spinoff, MyForest Foods has made significant strides in expanding its product’s reach, recently announcing a new retail partnership with online grocer Good Eggs. This collaboration marks MyBacon’s debut on the West Coast, making it available in 550+ retailers nationwide.

Media Credit: MyForest Foods Co

Crafted from a simple blend of organic oyster mushroom mycelium, salt, organic sugar, organic coconut oil, and natural flavors, MyBacon offers a sustainable alternative to traditional pork bacon. With a taste, smell, and texture reminiscent of animal-derived bacon, MyBacon stands out not only for its flavor but also for its eco-friendly production process. This process requires considerably less land and water and produces lower carbon emissions than conventional pork production.

Trei Campbell, Head of Food of Good Eggs, explains, “Not only does MyBacon taste absolutely delicious, but being a whole-cut plant-based product, it also aligns with our focus on animal welfare and simplicity.”

Media Credit: MyForest Foods Co

The expansion into the West Coast market is a response to growing consumer demand for sustainable and ethical food choices. Customers in Los Angeles and San Francisco can now enjoy the Kosher-certified, whole-cut plant-based bacon through Good Eggs, with no subscription necessary.

Sarah-Marie Cole, Chief Marketing Officer of MyForest Foods, comments, “We are so humbled that today is the day we can do that for those in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and we can’t wait to continue expanding our availability to those who have been rooting for us since the beginning.”

As MyForest Foods expands its offerings, it remains committed to making sustainable plant-based alternatives more accessible. This initiative is timely as numerous studies have demonstrated the health risks associated with processed red meats, which are considered carcinogenic. Concurrently, evidence is mounting that diets devoid of meat can significantly reduce the risk of various health issues.

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