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Outrage as Burger King passes off beef patties for plant-based ‘Impossible Whopper’

Burger King has launched a plant-based ‘Impossible Whopper’. Image: Burger King

Vegans have been left furious after Burger King was caught passing off its standard beef patties for the plant-based ‘Impossible Whopper’.

A chain in Brooklyn admitted staff had been serving the so-called vegan dish but filling it with real meat.

Eater first revealed the Burger King on 736 Broadway had been swapping out Seamless delivery orders for the plant-based option with beef patties – making them regular Whoppers.

According to customers, they were given no warning for the substitution and their receipts still indicated the burger was an ‘Impossible Whopper’.

“We have recently become aware that due to a technology error, one of our franchisees incorrectly listed the Impossible Whopper as a menu item available at some New York-area restaurants through two third-party delivery platforms,” a Burger King spokesperson told The Takeout.

“The issue has been corrected and the item is no longer listed as an option until we officially bring the Impossible Whopper to New York. We apologize for any confusion this has caused.

“Any guests who ordered an Impossible Whopper through delivery in the New York area and have any questions may call 866-394-2493.”

Impossible Foods brags that the Impossible Burger ‘delivers all the flavor, aroma and beefiness of meat from cows’, meaning many vegans may have unknowingly tucked into a meat product.

Vegans vented their frustration with Burger King on social media.

Would you try the Impossible Whopper? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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