Outrage as Tesco shopper 'swaps labels on meat and vegetarian meals' | Totally Vegan Buzz

Outrage as Tesco shopper ‘swaps labels on meat and vegetarian meals’

Outrage as Tesco shopper ‘swaps labels on meat and vegetarian meals’_TotallyVeganBuzz

A malicious prankster has been swapping packaging of vegetarian and meat products to spite unsuspecting customers.

A man bragged about the stunt on social media, sharing a picture of the products he sabotaged at Tesco.

The unnamed prankster wrote on Facebook: “Sometimes I like to pop into Tesco & Switch the cardboard sleeves around on these just for fun”

Social media users vented their anger at the spiteful act.

One Facebook user said: “Great fun if someone has a food allergy, cause it’s such a laugh watching someone suffer.

“This is awful, you could kill someone with allergies? My friend is allergic to enzymes in meat. This is genuinely sickening,” another added.

One concerned Facebook user said: “You posting this could give some simple minded a****** a stupid and careless idea that could cause someone to be hospitalized with a life threatening reaction.”

But some of the top comments on a bragging post involved meat eaters congratulating the prankster.

“Who ever is doing this is such a massive legend!!!!!” one wrote, attracting hundreds of likes.

A Tesco spokesman told The Sun that the supermarket is aware of the Facebook post and is ‘monitoring the situation’.

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