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Tesco slammed for non-vegan fruit saga

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Tesco revealed that some of its fruits are coated with animal derived products making them unsuitable for vegans

Tesco has been at the brunt of criticism for labeling its oranges and lemons ‘non vegan’.

The supermarket chain recently admitted that some citrus fruits including lemons, limes and oranges, are covered in a post-harvest wax containing shellac and beeswax.

Shellac is a resin secreted by female lac bugs found in the forests of India and Thailand.

According to the chain, the fruits are coated with wax to extend their shelf lives and reduce waste. However, it means vegans cannot use the fruit’s zest in recipes.

Online debate

The news has understandably disappointed some vegan customers because they have to buy Tesco’s organic citrus fruits, or certain lemons, to avoid the wax.  

Many called out the supermarket online. One user wrote: “Most (supermarkets) have taken action. Clearly Tesco has let its standards slide.”

However, the retailer argued that shellac coating on fruits is an industry standard practice, and it was simply informing customers which fruits are vegan or not.

Tesco added that it is seeking alternatives to the animal derived wax it currently uses.  

On the other hand, some netizens have mocked vegans for their beliefs.

“Cost of food so high, yet still having this vegan argument? Wake up,” one Twitter user commented.

Another added: “Ever thought of running the fruit under warm water to wash off the wax. Plus I also recommend peeling them than eating whole.”

Tesco’s plant-based advert

The non-vegan fruit saga comes after an advert showcasing Tesco’s Plant Chef vegan food range was banned for its ‘misleading’ environmental claims.

In June, the Advertising Standards Authority concluded that Tesco made unsubstantiated claims about its range being more environmentally-friendly and that there was no evidence-based comparison of the “full life cycle” environmental impact of the Plant Chef burger versus a meat burger.

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