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The Smurf Latte: Everything you need to know about the latest vegan superfood craze

The Smurf Latte
Image: Matcha Mylkbar / Instagram

Turns out the claim that there’s no such thing as a naturally occurring blue food is balderdash. Behold, this little cup of all-natural Smurf-tastic blueness…

What is it? That, my friend, is a vegan superfood ‘Smurf Latte’. Its creators, the owners of a vegan café in Melbourne called Matcha Mylkbar, had absolutely no idea that this (highly instagrammable) drink would go off in the way that it has.

The Smurf Latte_Matcha Mylkbar
Image: Matcha Mylkbar / Instagram

After they posted a snap of this interesting looking beverage up on their social media, the regular coffee time queues went berserk, with people lining up for a whole three hours to try out the new sensation.

The Smurf Latte_Match_mylkbar_Instagram
Image: @matcha_mylkbar / Instagram

But how on Earth is it so blue? Well, the celebrity ingredient is a superfood alga called E3 Live.

While we appreciate that that sounds a bit like a boy band, it’s what gives the latte its magical blue colour.

The other ingredients sound delicious though: lemon, ginger and coconut milk.The other ingredients sound delicious though: lemon, ginger and coconut milk.

It might be some time before us British vegans are able to try this amazing creation out for ourselves, but until we can, Team Tovee are definitely giving this looker a swipe right.

What do you think of this natty blue latte? Are you from Melbourne and have you tried it? We want to hear your thoughts! Leave us a comment.

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