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Vegan brand wins 4 awards at Prestigious International Cheese and Dairy Awards

Vegan brand Wins 4 awards at Prestigious International Cheese and Dairy Awards
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The vegan cheese brand beat dairy products to receive three Golds and a Trophy award spanning multiple categories.

GreenVie Foods, a Cyprus-based vegan cheese brand, has won four awards at the prestigious International Cheese and Dairy Awards (ICDAs) for both conventional dairy products and other vegan products.

The brand was named a Trophy winner for the ‘Best Cheese in Processed Cheese Section,’. It won three Golds in the following categories: 

  •  Best Vegan Feta (Greek Style)
  • Best Vegan Cheese Slices (Cheddar Flavor Slices)
  • Best Vegan Cheese for Pizza (Mozzarella Style Block)

The brand’s portfolio boasts an array of coconut oil-based cheese alternatives from Greek Style to Cheddar, Gouda, and Mozzarella.  All of its products are free from dairy, lactose, soy, nuts, gluten, and palm oil. The brand is currently available in 2- countries.


The ICDAs are a highly respected competition that recognizes excellence in the cheese and dairy industry. The UK-based event is judged by a panel of experts, including cheesemakers, chefs, and food writers.


Maria Palme, the managing director and founder of GreenVie Foods, expressed deep gratification for the recognition.

 In a statement, she said: “We are thrilled to receive these honors… They validate our unwavering dedication to producing high-quality vegan cheese through meticulous craftsmanship.”

Palme’s sentiment underscores the team’s commitment to revolutionizing the culinary landscape while preserving taste and quality.

The Growth of the Vegan Cheese Market

The triumph of GreenVie Foods is symbolic of a larger trend that has catapulted the vegan cheese market to mainstream success.

 In 2022, the market was valued at an impressive $2.24 billion, and projections suggest it will soar to $5.63 billion by 2030.

The Future of Vegan Cheese

The awards won by GreenVie Foods are a major victory for the vegan cheese industry. They show that vegan cheese is not only delicious, but it can also compete with dairy cheese in terms of its impact on health, the planet, and animals.

Vegan cheese offers compelling health advantages in comparison to its traditional counterpart. These dairy-free alternatives typically boast lower saturated fat content and zero cholesterol, making them a wholesome option for those conscious of heart health and wellness.

A 2019 study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine found that people who ate the most cheese had a higher risk of death from all causes, including heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Another 2017 study published in the journal The Lancet found that a high intake of dairy products, including cheese, was associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer.

Furthermore, the production of dairy cheese is resource-intensive, contributing to environmental degradation. Opting for vegan cheese can reduce carbon emissions, alleviate land use pressures, and mitigate water consumption, aligning consumption habits with sustainability goals.

The vegan cheese industry also bypasses the ethical consequences of traditional cheese. Dairy cows undergo immense suffering on farms. They need to give birth to a calf first to produce milk. However, the calf cannot drink the milk that humans consume. As a result, calves are usually separated from their mothers shortly after birth. They are either raised for dairy, sold to the veal industry, or killed. Once a cow is no longer able to produce a sufficient amount of milk, she is sent to the slaughterhouse.

Vegan brands influx

While GreenVie Foods takes center stage, the world of vegan cheese is teeming with innovation. Other pioneering brands such as Daiya, Violife, Miyoko’s Creamery, Follow Your Heart, and Kite Hill, have also unveiled innovative products showcasing a spectrum of flavors and textures that defy convention.

Violife’s latest product, Cheddarton, is being hailed as a game-changing plant-based alternative to cheddar.

The coconut oil-based product has been created to perfectly imitate the taste, texture, and melting properties of classic cheddar cheese.

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