Vegan Nottingham student creates budget-friendly oat milk machine to reduce carbon footprint and combat rising prices


The invention is sustainable and cost-effective.

A vegan undergraduate studying product design at Nottingham Trent University has developed a container that can help people create their own oat milk at home for just 20 pence per litre.

“Oatilicious,” provides significant cost savings compared to store-bought oat milk for up to £2.20 per carton.

The innovative container is the brainchild of 22-year-old Deeya Halai, who adopted a vegan lifestyle during the pandemic lockdown.

It not only promotes a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing the number of discarded cartons but also offers an affordable alternative to expensive store-bought options for oat milk enthusiasts.

“Everything is becoming so much more expensive due to the cost of living crisis,” Halai told BBC News.

“The traditional way to make oat milk uses a cloth that you have to squeeze out into a different container and it’s all quite messy. You have to use another container to keep it in too.

“But my design allows people to do away with that lengthy process and makes it quick, convenient and simple.”

Budget-friendly and eco-conscious

Halai’s design streamlines the oat milk production process by taking care of blending, filtering, storing, and pouring, all within a user-friendly container.

To make the oat milk, users simply add oats and water. Furthermore, the container is entirely reusable and comes with a recipe booklet, which provides tips on utilizing leftover pulp for items such as foot masks and brownies.

An accompanying QR code connects users to an app offering additional recipes, the option to purchase replacement parts, and access to vitamin drops for the milk. After 15 uses, the savings from making oat milk with Oatilicious outweighs the initial cost, making it a budget-friendly and eco-conscious choice.

“After using it 15 times, you’ve made your money back and then you’re just making savings,” Halai added.

“It’s also much more hygienic and simpler to clean than with multiple beakers.

“It feels like quite an achievement to see it all come together; there’s been so many developments, sketches, and models.”

‘Simple design to improve people’s lives’

Joseph Stewart, senior lecturer in BSc Product Design at Nottingham Trent University, said. “Deeya has shown how simple design thinking can improve people’s lives.

“By allowing people to make their own oat milk at home with a simple process, people could save considerable money and reduce the amount of oat milk cartons being recycled or sent to landfill.”

Deeya’s invention will be displayed at the Nottingham Trent University Student Showcase from 27 May- 2 June.

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