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Vegan passenger livid after Dutch flight serves fruit and nuts on 7,400km flight

Vegan passenger livid after Dutch flight serves fruit and nuts on 7,400km flight
Image: KLM/ Twitter and Jam Press/ Juanita Headley

The passenger said she was given pineapple pieces, a tangerine and a handful of nuts as the airline’s in-flight meal.

A vegan passenger has slammed an airline after claiming she was served fruit and nuts as a hot meal on a six-hour flight.

The incident happened on the KLM flight where Juanita Headley was travelling from Accra, Ghana to London Heathrow.

Vegan meal request

The motivational speaker had already opted for a hot meal on board as part of the complimentary service, but she claimed what she received was a ‘joke’

Headley reported that she was only given some pineapple pieces, a tangerine, and a few nuts for the airline’s first meal service. The second meal service included a cold vegan wrap, a banana, and another bowl of nuts.

“Thank God I don’t have a nut allergy or I would have been on fruit rations,” the fuming Londoner told Jam Press.

“In this day and age where veganism isn’t a new phenomena, it is unacceptable that a six-hour long-haul flight don’t carry a few extra meals for situations like this.”

She added that at the very least the airline could’ve made sure the vegetarian option is vegan.

“That would make life very simple for crew and passengers,” she pointed out.

Online reaction

The passenger posted images of her meals online, and people chimed in with comments directed at both her and the flight.

Some questioned her elitist vegan attitude.

“Being vegan is a choice and not a medically required diet so why should anyone pander to your whims?” wrote one user.

“I’m not vegan and the non-vegan meals are a joke also, so what’s your point? I would prefer a banana than the warm chewy goo,” added another.

A third commented: “What else you were expecting? You are in an airplane not in your favorite restaurant.”

However, fellow vegans also shared their point of view in the comment section.

One person wrote: “How difficult is it to have an alpro yoghurt, tomato, broccoli and vegan cheese pasta? Basic stuff.

“And KLM Airlines aren’t the cheapest to fly with so this is outrageous.”

Another added:  “Looks like an afterthought. I’m sorry.”

A third commented: “Sorry you’ve had this experience, I’ve had similar but in 2014 and ever since I’ve always carried food just in case.”

 Airline response

According to the Dutch airline’s policy, passengers on intercontinental flights will be provided with ‘a warm dish of your choice, large salad, and dessert’. 

It also states that ‘there’s always a number of vegetarian options available,’ but makes no mention of vegan options. 

KLM also released a statement clarifying the situation: “Due to an unforeseen situation, there was no vegan meal available for this passenger on the flight. 

“We regret that this happened and would like to offer our sincere apologies. 

“Our customer care department will be in contact with this passenger to see how we can make up for this.”

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