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Vegan scrambled eggs go on sale at major UK supermarket

Vegan scrambled eggs go on sale at major UK supermarket
Image: OGGS

OGGS has launched vegan scrambled eggs in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

UK vegan bakery brand OGGS has rolled out Scrambled OGGS, a plant-based innovation that looks and cooks just like a chicken egg and can be used to recreate breakfast classics.

According to OGGS’ research, 18% of vegans miss eating eggs at breakfast time and this versatile plant-based egg alternative is the perfect candidate for the missing piece of the vegan brunch.

Each bottle contains the equivalent of six eggs and is a great source of plant-based protein.

The other ingredients in the award-winning chickpea-based recipe include sunflower oil, nutritional yeast and natural colours and flavourings.

The product offers unrivalled texture with traditional scrambled egg, and can be used to create a number of recipes, besides classic scrambled eggs, including omelettes, frittatas and quiches, and even sweet dishes like creme brulee.

OGGS’ latest offering is also better for the planet too. It boasts 60% less Co2 emissions than actual eggs and comes in a convenient 100% recycled and fully recyclable bottle.

Scrambled OGGS is available in the meat-free aisle at Sainsbury’s. A 330ml bottle costs £3.25.

‘Completes the classic breakfast and brunch’

Founder of OGGS, Hannah Carter, said: “Scrambled OGGS marks the next stage in our mission to remove more unnecessary egg products from the food chain, both reducing our carbon footprint and extremely poor animal welfare.

“It gives people a way to enjoy a plant-based egg alternative that completes the classic breakfast and brunch.”

Award-winning egg alternatives

OGGS, a female-led company was founded in 2019. It initially launched as a vegan cake brand, offering a range of desserts at UK supermarkets.

 In 2020, the company created a liquid egg replacer named OGGS from chickpea water, commonly known as aquafaba, which served an ideal alternative for eggs in baking and cooking.

The brand has received several awards, including World’s Best Egg Alternative at the World Plant-Based Taste Awards and an Innovation Award at food-to-go show lunch.

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