London Zoo blasted for boozy ‘nightclub’ events where visitors ‘chased penguins and poured beer over tigers’ | Totally Vegan Buzz

London Zoo blasted for boozy ‘nightclub’ events where visitors ‘chased penguins and poured beer over tigers’

‘nightclub’ eventLondon Zoo blasted for boozy s where visitors ‘chased penguins and poured beer over tigers’
London Zoo has come under fire for its ‘Zoo Nights’

A petition is calling for a ban to boozy nighttime events at ZSL London Zoo which campaigners say have ‘absolutely no consideration for the animals’.

Late night events at ZSL London Zoo have been cancelled in recent years due to a string of high-profile incidents, including one in which a man poured beer over a tiger’s head.

Campaigners claim the zoo has simply rebranded the event and the same drunken antics and animal welfare issues exist.

But the zoo told Totally Vegan Buzz that animal welfare is its top priority and no animals have ever been harmed at the events.

ZSL London Zoo’s website advertises tickets for ‘Zoo Nights’ which are exclusively for adults, serve alcohol and feature live music and a ‘variety of entertainment’.

“Find out what animals really get up to after dark in our Birds and the Bees tour, where our expert guides will help you unravel the mysteries of sex in the animal kingdom,” the website offers.

The website features eight events starting at 6pm throughout June and July.

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‘This cannot go on’

The petition calling for a ban states: “This cannot go on any longer. This is a recurring event where the zoo is basically turned into a nightclub for the night, with music blaring and alcohol being sold, with no care for the animals and with countless incidents in previous years.”

The petition lists previous incidents at the zoo including a man pouring beer over a tiger, visitors trying to enter enclosures, penguins being chased and butterflies being crushed by customers.

The petition continues: “This has to stop. There is absolutely no consideration for the animals who are already kept at the zoo against their will, it is all for consumers.

“The last thing these animals need is to be surrounded by drunk people and loud music. This event has been rebranded several times with no indication of it being cancelled for good.”Totally Vegan Buzz has contacted ZSL London Zoo for comment.

Sign the petition here.

A spokesman for ZSL told Totally Vegan Buzz: “At ZSL London Zoo, our animals come first. During the day, or at special events, our expert vets, devoted zookeepers and specialist animal welfare officers are dedicated to ensuring that we provide everything they need to stay healthy, stimulated and fit.

“Zoo Nights is one of the ways we aim to bring people closer to wildlife. A relaxed evening, giving adults the time to embrace their youthful sense of awe and wonder, we invite busy Londoners to reconnect with nature, learn about the amazing animal kingdom, and leave inspired to act.

“Heavily sensationalised news reports – no visitor ever injured an animal, nor got into an animal enclosure – from an event held five years ago have no bearing on Zoo Nights, nor the engaged and respectful visitors we see coming through our doors to experience a chilled evening among incredible species.

“We have strict measures in place and animal welfare is always a top priority when planning events. At every Zoo Nights event we have an animal welfare officer present along with our expert zookeepers who care for our animals. We also monitor sound levels and ensure we continuously adhere to all relevant policies.

“As part of international conservation charity, ZSL, we’re working around the world to tackle the unprecedented threats facing the world’s wildlife today. From illegal wildlife trade to plastic pollution to habitat loss, our experts are on the front line making the world a better place for the animals we share it with. Since 2017, Zoo Nights has contributed more than £1million to our work.”

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