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Best cruelty-free vegan lipsticks
Image: Bru-nO/ pixabay

There’s just something about lipstick that makes us happy. Adding some lippy to your look can cheer up even the gloomiest day and put a spring in your step. Anyone can rock a good lipstick look, because there is so much choice out there! Whether you love a soft pastel, a bold red or a dark vampy look, there’s a shade out there for everyone. Not to mention the strong naming game that some brands have. Do you fancy a ‘Nudie Patootie’, ‘Kiss and Tell’ or a ‘Utopia’? Now vegans can rejoice too, because there are more animal-product-free lipsticks on the market than ever before! Here’s a list of 28 of our favourites to get you started.

1. Lime Crime Matte Velvetines

Image: Lime Crime

We absolutely love Lime Crime; the whole brand is 100% vegan and cruelty-free (it’s the way forward after all!). This liquid lip colour is inspired by rose petals. It’s long lasting, smudge-proof and infused with French vanilla. The formula glides on easily as a liquid, and dries to a perfect matte with a luxurious velvety feel. This lipstick is available in an incredible 42 different shades ranging from browns and nudes to vibrant reds and purples. Our favourites are ‘Wicked’ and ‘Blood Moon’. 

2. Lime Crime Plushies

Image: Lime Crime

Sorry, we couldn’t resist adding a second Lime Crime product to the list, they’re just so addictive! These plushies are soft and non-opaque to enhance your natural lip colour. Perfect for those who don’t like their lips to look over the top. It’s touch proof for all day long wear without smudging, and only one coat is needed so you can easily apply on the go. It is available in 23 different shades. We love ‘Butterscotch’ and ‘Turkish Delight’ (hungry, us?)

3. Jolie Air Matte Liquid Lipstick

Image: Jolie

Jolie help to create amazing dreamy looks with their cruelty-free range of makeup products. The lovely formula of their Air Matte Liquid lipstick glides on easily and dries to a smooth matte finish. It feels soft and doesn’t dry out your lips. It also lasts all day so you can work the look from day to night. It comes in 20 colourful shades from stylish nudes to bold reds and even dramatic purples! We think ‘Haunted’ and ‘Midnight’ are fab.

4. Memi Satin Luxe

Image: Memi

This is a creamy, satin-finish lipstick that has serious staying power. It is hydrating and comfortable to wear, as well as looking great. You can add one coat and run, or add more to build colour. It also has added Jojoba oil to nourish your lips. The silver packaging is super cute too! All of Memi’s products are cruelty-free and most are vegan. This lipstick is available in four shades from nude to dark. We love ‘Quickie’ and ‘Date Night’.  

5. Memi Matte Luxe

Image: Memi

For the same lush feeling as Memi Satin Luxe lipstick, but with a stylish matte finish, you can’t get much better than this product. It’s full-bodied and ultra-pigmented, to help you create a dramatic lip look. It’s kind to lips too, with added Jojoba Oil. This lipstick is long lasting without drying and feels great to apply. It’s available in eight colours. Our favourite is the bold red ‘Old Flame’.

6. Lush refillable lipsticks

Image: Lush

Vegan, cruelty-free and good for the planet? Yes please! These clever lipsticks come in naked refill format so you’re not always buying more plastic. They are also infused with natural ingredients such as Jojoba oil to leave your lips feeling soft and cared for. They have a satin finish and are easy to apply. There’s a huge range of hues to choose from – 53 to be exact! It’s hard to pick a favourite, but we’re partial to ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Berlin’.

7. NARS Powermatte lip pigment

Image: NARS

This highly pigmented liquid lipstick provides striking colour and lasts all day. No more worrying about smudging or fading. The stylish matte finish looks great, and the soft brush makes it really easy to apply for a precision look. There are loads of striking shades to choose from, with 18 colours available. We love ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘Save the Queen’, for starters!

8. Pacifica Colour Quench Lip Tint

Image: Pacifica

For those who want a natural look that is kind to the lips, this lip tint is a fabulous choice. Not only does it look beautiful, but its full of good stuff too! Coconut oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E all work to condition and nourish your pout. It’s also really easy to apply and handy for quick touch-ups on the go. There are five shades available, with names good enough to eat. Our pick is the luscious sounding ‘Coconut Nectar’ – yum!

9. BH Cosmetics Colour Lock

Image: BN Cosmetics)

This lovely product is soft and smooth on application, and has a fab long-lasting formula. It’s also infused with shea butter to keep your lips feeling loved and cared for. The colour will stay all day, so you don’t have to worry about the faff of reapplying or touching up. It dries with a matte effect and is available in a choice of five bold shades from the striking ‘Passionate’ to the bold ‘Dark Rose’.

10. ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip

Image: ColourPop

This was a winner in the 2018 Glamour Beauty Awards and with good reason. It’s thin and lightweight but gives super intense pigment for a great hit of colour. It’s easy to apply and glides on smoothly, before drying for a cool matte look. It’s also long-lasting and transfer proof so you can count on it to take you through the day. There are so many shades available on the website that honestly, we lost count after 50! Try our top picks ‘Extra Credit’ or ‘Yoshi’.

11. Tarte colour splash

Image: Tarte

Ok, so our heads were turned by the super cute blue packaging for this lipstick, but the product inside is really great too! Its lightweight and glides on easily, providing intense colour. It even has antioxidants to add moisture and show your lips some love. The matte finish is long lasting and won’t bleed, fade or smudge. There are 23 lovely shades to pick from. We love the vampy ‘Yachting’ and the soft pink ‘Escape’.

12. Too Faced Peach Kiss

Image: Too Faced

This is a fab lipstick inside a gorgeous gold package. The peach and fig-milk infused formula smells great, and feels super soft and light. It is comfortable and hydrating, with a non-drying effect and a stylish matte finish. It lasts eight hours and is smudge proof for a defined pout. There are 20 different shades available, so you’re bound to find one that suits you. Our favourite is the brilliantly-named ‘Where My Peaches At?’

13. Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit

Image: Wet n Wild

This liquid lipstick feels so stylish, from the name and the packaging right down to the smooth matte finish. It’s easy to apply but once it’s there, it won’t budge! It provides a serious hit of colour so you can create a dramatic look with the stroke of a brush. There are 20 shades to choose from, including ‘The Shade is Teal’ for the boldest of beauty addicts to the pretty in pink ‘Coral Corruption’.

14. INIKA Certified Organic Vegan Lipstick

Image: INIKA

We love INIKA so much! All of their products are cruelty-free and vegan. This lipstick is infused with lots of good stuff to nourish your lips, like argan oil, jojoba oil and shea butter. Yum. It also looks great with a satin finish. It goes on really easily thanks to the smooth and creamy texture. It’s also made to last and won’t smudge or fade. 78% of the ingredients are organic. There are 12 shades to pick from, we’d go for the lovely ‘Auburn Ambition’.

15. B. by Superdrug Matte Lipstick

Image: B. by Superdrug

B. by Superdrug has been one of our favourite beauty brands for ages now, with their huge range of vegan and cruelty-free products. This lipstick gives a fab matte finish and a dramatic pop of colour. With shea butter to hydrate and care for your lips, you can be sure that this won’t leave you feeling dry and flaky. It’s rich and creamy, with lots of fab shades to choose from. Out of the 12 colours, we love ‘Risky Business’ the best!

16. B. By Superdrug Luminous Lipstick

Image: B. by Superdrug

We’re adding a second B. by Superdrug product to the list, and we’re not even sorry. This lipstick helps you to create a striking pout with a lush finish. It’s soft and silky, with added jojoba oil so your lips will feel smooth and hydrated. The rich colour is long-lasting so you can count on it to take you from day to night. There are eight shades to choose from. Our favourites are ‘Date Night’ and ‘Jeopardy’.

17. Be Kind Beauty Adorn Classic Mineral Organic Lipstick

Image: Be Kind Beauty

This is another favourite cruelty-free brand. Their organic lipstick is paraben free, palm oil free and vegan friendly. Made from pure minerals and botanical goodness, you can trust this lipstick to be kind to your lips. It is long-lasting, creamy and hydrating, with good pigmentation to make your colour pop. There are seven different shades available from nudes and pinks to classic reds. We think ‘Natural Red’ is a winner, or you could go for the soft ‘Dusty Pink’.

18. Revolution Beauty I Heart Revolution Dragons Dare Lipstick

Image: Revolution Beauty

Well, who doesn’t want a dragon themed lipstick? The whole concept of this is really cool, from the shimmery dragon-scale compact to the gorgeous colours. If that wasn’t enough, the lipsticks are strawberry scented too! It’s light and smooth to apply, and is designed to last all day for a fuss-free pout. Revolution Beauty is 100 cruelty free and they also do a unicorn and a mermaid themed lipstick collection. Dragons Dare comes in five shades including two metallics. We love the intense ruby red of ‘Dragon’s Blood’.

19. Barry M Satin Super Slick Lip Paint

Image: Barry M

Barry M makeup is 100% cruelty-free, and they have a large vegan collection. They make some really awesome products. This soft, smooth lipstick has a dewy, satin finish for a luxe look. It also contains shea butter and vitamin E to moisturise your lips and leave them looking healthy.  It comes in a super cute gunmetal coloured compact, and is available in ten shades. Our favourites are ‘Peachy Keen’ and ‘Wine Not’.

20. Barry M Lip Oils

Image: Barry M

If your lips are feeling dry and in need of some TLC, this moisturising lip oil from Barry M should sort you out. It does double duty by giving your pout a hydration hit and a subtle pop of colour. It’s glossy without being sticky, and glides on easily. There are two shades available. Our pick is the pretty pink ‘Berry Good’, but also available is the clear, delicious smelling ‘Coco Loco’.

21. The Body Shop Lip Juicers

Image: Ian Dooley/ Unsplash

The Body Shop are cruelty-free and have been working to increase their vegan offerings recently. These Lip Juicers are a lovely product that will moisturize your lips as well as making your mouth water. The smoothie-scented balms are easy to apply and will make your lips feel soft and smooth. They contain natural ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil and marula oil and come in handy little pots for applying on the go.  Available in five shades, including the tempting strawberry, pomegranate and aloe.

22. The Body Shop Shine Lip Liquid

Image: Cihan on Pixabay

For healthy, shiny-looking lips, there’s another great product from the Body Shop. This lipstick feels really decadent, but is also great for your lips. It has a triple hit of moisture thanks to jojoba oil, marula oil and argan oil. It glides on easily for a non-sticky, glossy finish. The weightless formula is long-lasting. There are nine shades to choose from. We’re obsessed with the dark, shimmering ‘Black Liquorice’, or if you’re feeling brave try the bright and cheerful ‘Lemon Sherbet’.

23. Illamasqua Liquid Lip Lure

Image: The Body Shop

This lipstick is durable and long lasting for a strong lip look that will take you from day to night. It’s smudge proof with a high-shine finish. The wand applicator makes application a breeze. This lipstick is highly-pigmented for and creates even, intense colour. It is available in a choice of five colourful shades, including our favourites, the bold ‘Nebulus’ and the old school glam ‘ Virtue’.

24. Urban Decay Cream Vice Lipstick

Image: Urban Decay

It would be easy to get hooked on Urban Decay’s Vice range, with it’s cute packaging and massive range of colours. Cream Vice is luxurious, smooth and, as the name suggests, creamy! Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System™ means that this delivers a serious punch of colour with one swipe. It’s also full of lovely moisturising ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba oil and avocado oil to prevent your lips from drying. It delivers a long-lasting, smudge proof finish. Available in a massive 49 shades, we love ‘F-Bomb’ and ‘Frenemy’.

25. Urban Decay Metallized Vice Lipstick

Image: Urban Decay

Another range from cruelty-free Urban Decay, this shares the same super moisturizing, buttery formula as Cream Vice, but with a metallic finish for extra drama. The high-level of pearl, along with the super-pigmentation gives you a bold, shimmering pout. It applies smoothly without dragging, and lasts well with no bleeding or fading. There are 25 colours to choose from ranging from nudes to pinks and reds to greens! Our favourite shades are the shimmering ‘Cruel’ and ‘Big Bang’.

26. Axiology Lipstick

Image: Axiology

Axiology are 100% cruelty free and vegan. They have some gorgeous beauty products and we particularly love their lush lipsticks. These are smooth and creamy, with good pigmentation. They are full of lovely hydrating ingredients such as Vitamin E and avocado butter, to prevent your lips from drying out. They also provide a good long-lasting coverage for all-day wear. There are 30 shades to choose from in various finishes, from sheer nudes to shimmery reds. We love the vampy ‘Brave’ and the bold ‘Attitude’.

27. Axiology Lip Crayons

Image: Axiology

We love these easy to apply lip crayons from Axiology, with their sleek gold packaging. They are creamy, with a semi-matte finish and a good amount of colour. They are also kind to lips with their moisturizing formula. Great for applying on the go, the crayon shape lets you add colour accurately and quickly. Available in six shades, we think the classic red of ‘Valor’ is a fab choice.

28. PHB 100% Pure Organic Lipstick

Image: PHB

PHB Ethical Beauty are 100% cruelty free and vegan, and aim to be as ethical and eco-friendly as possible. This lipstick is great for your lips, with organic jojoba oil and fair trade shea butter to moisturize and soften. It also contains rosehip oil and Vitamin E which have anti-ageing properties. It provides rich colour that is long lasting. There are 15 different colours available. For a strong red lip, try ‘Sienna’ or go for a pastel ‘Tea Rose’.

There are so many vegan lipsticks out there that we really are spoilt for choice! Do you have a favourite that we’ve missed here? Let us know in the comments!

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