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I’m a Supervegan: A Confidence-Building Children’s Book for Our Littlest Vegans

I’m a Supervegan: A Confidence-Building Children’s Book for Our Littlest Vegans

Dash! Zoom! Kick! Jump! Elizabeth wants to be a superhero when she grows up. But does she have what it takes?

It can be tough for vegan children in a predominantly non-vegan world. This new children’s book from first time author Katie Clark is designed for children following a vegan lifestyle or transitioning to one. Through vibrant illustrations and playful rhymes, it explains how special it is to be vegan in a gentle, positive, and fun way.

The book aims to arm the little vegan in your life with confidence to see that they are a superhero – they are a Supervegan!

Katie Clark is a new self-published author from Columbus, Ohio. She is wife to Caleb and mom to supervegans Elizabeth and Clara.

Katie set out to write vegan books for children when she wanted a creative way to assure her own daughters that being vegan is brave, caring, and smart. Katie hopes every child who reads her books will feel confident and empowered through their choice to be vegan.

Katie teaches piano and ESL on top of being a stay at home mom, author, and homeschool teacher. She loves to spend time with her daughters going on nature walks, visiting museums, and hanging out at the library. Katie is also passionate about helping others incorporate more plant-based meals into their diets.

I’m a Supervegan has received glowing reviews from parents and vegan activists:

“My daughter has struggled sometimes with feeling out of place when she is the only vegan in a group, but the message of the book has been great for her!” – Dr. Kristin Devor

“My daughter immediately took to the characters and theme. She loved the bright colours and illustrations on each page… This book has a great balance and is a breath of fresh air!” – Learner Vegan founder Katy

“Woo hoo – what a great book!” – Dr. Michael Greger

“Bear and I loved reading this book – it’s super cute. Really good!” – Actress and Animal Rights Activist Alicia Silverstone

I’m a Supervegan is available to order on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats. Wholesalers or those interested in interviewing Katie can contact the author directly at [email protected].

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