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12,000 chickens have died in a factory farm fire, and activists are demanding tighter regulations

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Animal rights activists are demanding stronger health and safety regulations at factory farms after a huge fire killed 12,000 chickens.

A devastating fire tore through a barn in Renswoude in the Netherlands on Tuesday, leaving three quarters of the egg farm’s chickens dead.

This has been an ongoing problem in the Netherlands, as estimates suggest 110,000 animals were killed in fires at factory farms in last year alone.

The fire killed 12,000 of the farm’s 16,000 chickens. Image: @BrwWoudenberg on Twitter

So far there is no sign of government action to enforce farmers to take greater precautions. There are currently no laws demanding businesses install lightning conductors or sprinkler systems.

Animal rights group Wakker Dier said there’s been seven similar farms this year already, and urged government to consider new regulations.


The owner of the farm said he had taken all necessary precautions to avoid the incident.

He told Dutch publication AD: “But nothing rules out fire and an accident can always happen. Believe me, as a farmer, this is the last thing you want.”

The blaze created huge plumes of smoke and nearby residents were advised to keep their windows and doors close and stay inside.

Images on AD’s website show hundreds of chickens which survived the fire wandering around in the rubble.

The farmer said he did not know how the fire had started.

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