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75 vegan activists arrested as riot police meet 600 protesters at slaughterhouse

vegan activists arrested
Activists descended on Reichardt Duck Farm in California

More than 600 activists descended on a slaughterhouse in California, and 75 were arrested after the group removed 32 ducklings from the farm.

Global animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) occupied Reichardt Duck Farm, a massive slaughterhouse in Petaluma.

Members locked their necks to the slaughterhouse shackles, gate, and other machinery and took ducklings and rushed them to emergency veterinary treatment.

Activists reported that the ducklings will then be transported to farm animal sanctuaries for lifelong care.

DxE said the farm slaughters more than 1 million ducks annually and accused the business of animal cruelty.

The activists wore veterinarian-approved biosecurity gear as they entered the facility to give aid to what they described as sick and injured animals.

“The conditions are not normal, accepted industry practice,” said former assistant US Attorney Bonnie Klapper, who reviewed undercover footage and veterinarian reports regarding the facility.

“There is evidence of severe neglect and lack of treatment rising to the level of animal cruelty.”

In the past year, dozens of DxE activists have been arrested and charged for animal rights activism in Sonoma County.

DxE’s co-founder Wayne Hsiung has now accumulated 17 felony charges in Sonoma county and around the country in an effort to defend the legal right to rescue animals in court.

Totally Vegan Buzz has contacted Reichardt Duck Farm for comment.

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