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Americans plan to replace meat with plant-based alternatives
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According to Numerator’s Infoscout Omnipanel data, 80% of US shoppers might replace a portion or all of their meat consumption with meatless alternatives.

Results of the study indicated that 21% were ready to go completely vegan; 23% intended to replace a sizeable portion; whereas 36% were comfortable in replacing only a small portion of their animal based diet with plant based alternatives.

Numerator also found that more Americans were sampling plant-based dairy alternatives now more than ever.

According to their data, 47% consumed more plant-based dairy alternatives compared to last year, while 43% were still consuming the same amount.

Although the plant-based alternative industry is thriving, the firm reported that retailers and plant based meat manufacturers have an uphill task and need to find viable solutions to pressing questions in order to be able to retain their consumers’ growing interest.

For example, many customers state that they struggle to find the alternative products in their local groceries.

Others however find the price too steep as compared to their meat counterparts.

The research firm concluded that if the plant based alternative industry wanted to capitalize on their consumers’ food choices, they would need to invest more on product innovation, promote the benefits of meat alternatives, and make their vegan products more visible so that they are easier to find.

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