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90 percent of customers at this vegan pizzeria are non-vegans

Vegan pizzeria Saint is popular with vegans and meat eaters. Image: Saint

Vegans have no shortage of incredible pizza options these days – from oven baked frozen pizzas with stretchy cheese or plant-based restaurants which have been crowned among the best pizzas in the world.

And the vegan pizza revolution is not only beneficial for those who ditch dairy, but is also attracting non-vegans to the movement and showcasing how delicious plant-based living can be.

This couldn’t be more the case at vegan pizzeria Saint, in Hackney.

The restaurant offers pizzas with plant-based cheeses made from soya and coconut, which the company says you ‘wouldn’t even tell the difference’ to dairy cheese.

And such has been the success of the restaurant, 90 percent of its customers are non-vegans, according to the owners.

The venue also offers cocktails to wash down the vegan pizzas – which come with toppings such as plant-based sausage, salami and chicken.

Saint is owned by restaurant and hospitality group Lollipop – which owns AQB London, The Bletchley, The Bunyadi and The Grid.

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