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A vegan film, music and art festival is coming to London

A Vegan Film, Music And Art Festival Is Coming To London
Image: Portobellolive

A vegan and environmentally friendly music and arts event in London will feature the UK’s first vegan film festival this year – and the world premiere of vegan documentary series Planet Vegan.

Portobello Live runs from May 5-6 at Portobello Road, London, and will feature many vegan films, documentaries, vegan workshops and celebrity Q&As.

The festival is now a permanent fixture on the calendar and for the first time this year includes a major new film festival – Sustainability on Screen.

Key features of the festival include:

  • Screening of BAFTA 2019 Short Film Winner ‘73 Cows’ and Q&A with the director
  • Screenings of Celine Cousteau’s film ‘Tribes on the Edge’
  • World premiere of vegan documentary series Planet Vegan
  • Q&A with celebrities and TV personalities
  • Private screenings and Q&A with film directors on 5th May (Press and VIP only)
  • Guest Panel Q&A
  • Workshops led by TV Vegan Chef Brett Cobley (EpiVegan)
  • Zero waste workshops

In its fifth year Portobello Live has attracted the support of local celebrity patrons including Mick Jones (the Clash), actress Anna Chancellor (Notting Hill), film director Kevin Allen (Twin Town, Under Milk Wood) and Don Letts (B.A.D., DJ, filmmaker and author).

The event attracts audiences of more than 3,000 and organisers say it is the only environmental and vegan film festival in the UK. A vegan and ethical market will also run alongside the event.

A spokesman for the festival told Totally Vegan Buzz the film festival celebrates ‘a sustainable and environmental ideal: a healthier, compassionate, environmentally friendly lifestyle’.

It also features ‘thought provoking and hard hitting screenings of short and feature films, showing the impacts of our diet, consumption and how we live is affecting the world and local communities we live in’.

“We will be screening award winning films, from award winning directors and documentary makers- topics include vegan and plant based diet, climate change, waste pollution and environmental sustainability,” the spokesman said.

“We aim to explore how our everyday lives are affecting climate change, pollution and the health of communities.”

See more information about the festival here.

Published by Oli Gross

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