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Aldi ‘infuriates’ meat eaters with new product launch

Aldi 'infuriates' meat eaters with new product launch
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The new ‘vegan bacon’ is made of pea-protein and costs £2.19 for 10 strips.

Meat eaters are furious after supermarket giant Aldi rolled its latest vegan product.

Last week, Aldi shared a picture of its new ‘vegan bacon’ on Facebook, and wrote: “Who said vegan needed to be boring (and expensive)? Not us. In store now!”

The new vegan product is made of pea- protein and costs £2.19 for 10 strips, ‘bacon’.


Social rants

The post quickly went viral with meat eaters objecting to the name because it was ‘infuriating’.

One man commented: “Call it something else. Bacon is a cut of MEAT. Simples.”

Another added: “Getting p****ed off with this now. You don’t want to eat meat so why the hell would you want to eat a product that resembles it?????”

A third said: “Bacon is bacon which is meat. This isn’t so don’t call it bacon!”

However, other open-minded shoppers had no issue with the name of the product.

One user wrote: “I’m not a vegan or veggie at all, really love meat and dairy products.

“BUT I don’t get why people get so annoyed by stuff like this.

“I think it’s great having a wide range of food options for vegans and veggies.

“Sometimes I try them myself as well for a change.”

Another added: “For those complaining about it being called bacon because you want it described accurately. Maybe the meat version should be called ‘sliced pig back or side’. You know, for the sake of accuracy and all that.”

A third comment read: “Awesome! for anyone getting annoyed by the name….2 things. 1. Question why you’re annoyed by a food name and go get laid. 2. A lot of vegetarians (me included) LOVE meat, and we’ve given it up for ethical and environmental reasons. Anything that tastes like it I will smash into my face ALL DAY. Its nice we have a choice. Live and let live.”

A fourth explained: “Argh these meat eater arguments are old, boring and cringey, could they not think of something original and actually intelligent ?

“But to clarify. Meat alternatives are still called sausages, bacon, steak, burgers etc because that’s what they’re replicating.

“Meat alternatives are made because there is a market for it, for people who still like sausages/bacon/burger style products but don’t like eating corpses for animal welfare reasons or health reasons or environmental reasons.

“It’s not that deep and you’re not funny.”

 Aldi’s vegan range

Aldi, which has more than 6,520 stores across 11 countries is one of the best places to get delicious vegan options.

The discount supermarket has steadily expanded its plant-based range over the years to meet the growing demand for meat alternatives.

Apart from an array of budget-friendly plant menu products such as plant milk, vegan meat, vegan rolls, no chicken nuggets, fishless fingers, non-dairy ice cream and more, the grocery chain also has its own private label range called Aldi’s Plant Menu.

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