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‘Angel for Animals’: Miley Cyrus wears faux fur and vegan leather in new music video

'Angel for animals' Miley Cyrus wears faux fur and vegan leather in new music video
Image: @mileycyrus Instagram

Miley Cyrus has been praised by animal rights groups after she wore an all vegan outfit in her new music video for the upcoming Charlie’s Angels sequel.

Animal rights group PETA described Cyrus as an ‘Angel for animals’ after she showcased faux feathers and vegan leather in her music video Don’t Call Me An Angel – featuring Lana Del Rey and Ariana Grande for the highly anticipated Charlie’s Angels reboot.

PETA took to twitter to acknowledge the singer: “She’s such an angel for animals!”

The tweet received more than 1,000  likes and hundreds of retweets.

Several users replied on the PETA handle: “Yass. We don’t live anymore in the stone age to wear an animal as [a] costume.”

“WOAH this is amazing!”

“Miley talks the talk and walk the walk!!!”

Vegan activist

The Hannah Montana star turned vegan in 2014 and has since been actively involved in promoting the vegan cause. 

She was also recognized as one of the most influential vegans in 2017, and was given the ‘Celebrity Advocate Award’ from The Animal Rights National Conference.

Cyrus is often spotted in cruelty-free clothes, endorsing vegan brands such as Vivienne Westwords, Casadei, and Stella McCartney.

Fashion bible Vogue commented: “With vegan versions of fur, leather, and wool all in the mix in her wardrobe, Cyrus proves that skipping the authentic materials doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

“With more and more brands giving up exotic skins and banishing harmful practices in favor of alternatives Miley’s forward-looking outfits are more than a celebrity style moment. They’re a peek at how we’ll all be dressing in the near future.”

How influential can Miley’s activism be? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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