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Animal Charity calls on farm to ‘give up goats’ following cruelty exposé

Animal charity urges farm to 'give up goats' following cruelty expose
Image: Hull Live / Video

‘The response to what we uncovered has been incredible with national and international attention’

Around 50 animal rights activists staged a protest outside Far Marsh Farm in Ottringham demanding the farm release its goats.

The demonstration took place on Saturday following Animal rights group Surge’s undercover footage that exposed horrific animal abuse at the outlet that supplies goats’ milk to UK’s best-known goat milk producer, St Helen’s Farm.

In the 60-minute video, goats were seen kicked, punched, hit with a pole and slammed onto their backs while some were seen crying in pain as they were pinned by their necks, with their ears tagged or tails twisted.

The footage also caused international outrage with Hollywood stars Joaquin Phoenix and  Alicia Silverstone and singers Moby and Leona Lewis among a number of other celebrities condemning the farm and calling for the release of the helpless animals.

Protest demands

During the protest, Surge said it had arranged for 270 of the goats from the farms to be shifted to animal sanctuaries and the protestors had gathered to urge the farm owners to comply.

“The response to what we uncovered has been incredible with national and international attention,” Surge representative Andrew Gough told Hull Live.

“We have contacted the farm, part-owners St Helen’s and even parent company Kavli in Norway for a response.

“We have sent emails and registered letters but we have had nothing back at all which is why we are here today.

“We have sanctuaries for 270 goats but we believe there are 4,000-6,000 animals on this farm. We have said we will pay for the re-homing, transport and logistics.”

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‘Transition to plant-based operations

The animal charity team also informed that apart from rehoming the goats, they wanted to speak with the owners to encourage them to transition to plant-based operations because the move is “better environmentally, in terms of public health and for the animals themselves of course.”

“We don’t know how realistic this is and whether they will listen but we want to at least open a dialogue which is why we are here today,” the representative added.

Despite repeated attempts the owners refused to interact with the demonstrators although organisers of the protest Jane Tredgett insisted the event was peaceful and there was also a significant police presence to ensure the protest was carried out without incident.

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