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‘God is a Woman’ is the ninth perfume by Ariana Grande. It is cruelty-free and made using naturally derived and 100% vegan ingredients.

This week, American pop singer Ariana Grande announced the launch of her newest fragrance God Is A Woman.

The latest perfume comes just one month after her secret wedding to Dalton Gomez.

It is named after her 2018 hit song and is cruelty-free. It is made from 91% naturally derived and 100% vegan ingredients.

The new vegan perfume will be available on Ulta Beauty from 29 July and in stores from 1st August.

Additionally, beauty platform TrendMood reported that Grande has filed a trademark for a full beauty line under the title, God Is A Woman.

The range will include products like skincare, body care, mousse, mists, soufflés, perfumes, shower gels, bath gels and more. 

Ariana Grande’s perfume range

‘God Is A Woman’ isn’t the only fragrance released by the celebrity.

She released her first perfume named Ari by Ariana Grande back in 2015.

She has since released seven additional scents inspired by her albums, songs, and interests in collaboration with Florida-based Luxe Brands.

While all of Grande’s fragrances are cruelty-free, they are not necessarily vegan since some of them contain musk typically sourced from male musk deers.

Animal advocate

Ariana Grande went vegan in 2013 and is generally known to follow a plant-based lifestyle.

She is also a longstanding animal rights advocate and is reported to own nearly a dozen rescued pets.

Last November, she opened Orange Twins Rescue – an animal rescue centre – in Los Angeles.

The shelter helps rescue and rehabilitate cats and dogs in need.

In an interview with Billboard back in 2015, Grande while explaining her love for rescuing dogs said:  “I got involved with dog rescues by simply loving animals. Dogs are the most harmless, sweetest babes in the world.

“They show nothing but unconditional love, so they deserve that in return.”

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