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Asda launches new limited-edition vegan rainbow pizza to celebrate Veganuary

ASDA Rainbow Pizza
Image: Asda / Facebook and TreasureGalore / Flickr

UK supermarket giant Asda has unveiled a range of delectable vegan treats this month for consumers opting for plant-based alternatives.

After introducing its own-label range of 48 vegan products in time for Veganuary, the supermarket giant is back with a limited time vegan rainbow pizza.

ASDA vegan rainbow pizza
Image: ASDA / Facebook

The new vegan pizza priced at £2.70 will be available at all Asda pizza counters until Sunday January 26th.

The rainbow pizza looks delicious, vibrant and nutritious topped with creamy vegan cheese, fresh peppers, sweetcorn and red onions.

“There has never been more demand for plant-based products across every shopping category, so we are pleased we can offer lots of variety and give our customers more plant-based options to enjoy in 2020,” said Asda’s Buying Manager Guy Dobson.

“At Asda we’re passionate that our customers don’t have to compromise on quality or price, and our plant-based options are no different – whether that’s our new Plant Based range or our delicious new pizza.”

The supermarket’s new vegan Rainbow Veg Pizza announcement on Facebook sparked a huge interest in the product with customers virtually drooling in delight.

“Fab, can never have enough vegan pizza in the world – well done,” replied a customer.

“I’m not vegan, but this looks delicious! Xxx,” added another.

“Love it! Asda vegan pizzas are always nice when I’ve had them made over counter. This is great. ?,” commented a third.

Have you tried Asda’s new vegan rainbow pizza? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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