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Beauty giant Avon ends cosmetic animal testing globally
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Avon Products, Inc. has announced that it will do away with cosmetic animal testing and rely on cruelty-free techniques instead.

Avon has been the first major cosmetics company to end animal testing 30 years ago and has collaborated with companies globally to develop and implement scientifically validated and cruelty-free alternatives for product safety evaluation.

However, the brand came under fire when it joined the Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign in April to call for a worldwide ban on animal testing in all major global beauty markets by 2023 because it still conducted business with China that mandates that all cosmetics imported to the country must undergo government authorized animal tests.

Clarifying its stand at the time, Avon said:  “We are optimistic that Avon’s influence as a leading global cosmetics company can help advance the Chinese government’s acceptance of non-animal testing methods with the goal of ending animal testing.

“We work in partnership with organizations that are developing new approaches to product safety evaluation that don’t use animals, as well as with personal care products industry associations.”

However, with a series of investments to develop new products; and moving away from products requiring testing and exploring alternative distribution channels, Avon has taken the significant step to stop animal testing for all products sold across all its brands in China and elsewhere in the world.

PETA described the move as ‘the first crucial step to becoming cruelty-free’.

The company confirmed that it will work with its suppliers to guarantee that no raw materials or products are tested on animals in the future.

Commitment to animal welfare

“Our goal is to deliver products to meet our customers’ needs without compromising our commitment to animal welfare, our high product safety standards or our adherence to regulatory requirements,” announced Jonathan Myers, Avon’s Chief Operating Officer. 

“By investing in how we develop innovation for China and in some cases changing distribution channels, we have been able to deliver this landmark change. Globally, none of Avon’s products will be tested on animals.”

Troy Seidle, HSI Vice President for Research & Toxicology, said: “We applaud Avon’s initiative to make these changes in China and to stop animal testing. We are delighted to count Avon among our #BeCrueltyFree campaign supporters as we work with lawmakers across the globe toward meaningful policy change that reflects our shared vision of cruelty-free beauty.”

Even PETA lauded Avon’s commitment to end the rampant cruelty practices.

“PETA celebrates Avon’s long-term commitment to ending all cosmetic testing on animals everywhere in the world, and we know millions of consumers will too,” said Katy Guillermo, Senior Vice President of PETA.

“Avon’s support for non-animal testing methods has made a meaningful difference to the development, utilization, and acceptance of alternatives to animal testing.”

Avon Products, Inc. is not related to New Avon LLC. The former sells cosmetics everywhere in the world barring the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Will other cosmetic companies follow Avon’s example in ending animal testing for products? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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